Will we see flexible display technology from Samsung in 2013?

by: Kristofer WoukDecember 1, 2012

As we become more used to rapid advancements in technology, it gets more and more difficult to wait for them. Case in point: Samsung’s flexible display technology, which was displayed at CES 2011. And it’s still not out yet! However, rumor has it that we may see these displays beginning to roll out in 2013.

As most other components in smartphones are not yet flexible, we’re not going to see phones you can bend in half to fit in your pocket just yet. What we can expect, however, is the effective end of worrying about screens cracking. Flexible displays can also lead to thinner, more ergonomically shaped devices.

Samsung is likely to use OLED technology, but the company is apparently also looking into graphene, which is one atom thick, incredibly strong and lightweight. Not to be left out, other major players like LG, Sony and Nokia are also working on flexible displays.

  • AndroidBrian

    I could wait forever this.

  • Graphene is a one atom thick display? Seems impossible. Crazy

    • geage

      No. What they mean is that graphene can be made one atom thick. Not the screen…

  • flexible dispaly? ok, while you are at it, make me one quad core flexible silicon chip. only use of these screens is that they cant be so easily broken. thats all we wont have flexible phones as everyone thinks

    • ijks

      Yes you are correct. We won’t have flexible phones yet, but flexible display has much more uses then “just a screen that can’t be easily broken”. I’m actually more interested in the transparent displays Samsung brought out at the CES 2011.

  • David M Whittley

    I agree with Domagoj. This should mean the end of smashed displays not the start of bendy phones! I welcome this development. I smashed my Note II screen on the tenth day.

  • Kate

    Flexible display? Seriously why does ANYONE even NEED a flexible display? It’s stupid and doesn’t make sense. Or that argument from a previous commenter “can’t be easily broken”. It can still be broken. Get a good, durable case (or two; one thin and stylish, other thick and protective) and a screen protector. Only careless people get their phone screens smashed/cracked, even that accidental drop by people who aren’t clumsy.

    I’d much rather have technology that prevents a-hols from stealing your phone via turning it on to airplane mode. WTF?! You need a pin/pattern to turn on/unlock your phone yet its so incredibly simple to turn on airplane mode without a second thought.

    • monchis

      You are incompetent. The failed effort in your comment is ridiculous. You are putting yourself against am idea by very intelligent and rich people. Its obviously an innovated idea that had been agreed to be worked on by Samsung. Idiot. I think this flexible technology is brilliant. Can’t wait to see what the end result is.

  • Idiotjävel Anushål

    I don’t really get the main point of this, but it’s actually a very cool idea. I think that pictures and stuff will feel much deeper by that. :)