Samsung announces its own flexible display – thinner, lighter, and more flexible than LG’s

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 7, 2013


Just minutes after LG issued a press release announcing it would start mass producing flexible panels, the crosstown rivals at Samsung struck back with their own official announcement.

Samsung announced that it has already started mass-producing flexible panels, and that, unlike its competitor, it will release a commercial product equipped with the display “within days”. That’s another official confirmation that a curved screen phone will be launching this week, after the statements of two company executives in September.

Not only is Samsung outpacing LG when it comes to manufacturing, but Samsung’s flexible display seems to be superior in terms of specifications. The 5.7-inch plastic-based display is 0.12 millimeters thick, more than three times thinner than the 0.44 millimeters of the LG product. Samsung’s display is also lighter, at 5.2 grams, compared to the 7.2 grams of the slightly larger 6-inch LG display.

Finally, while LG’s flexible panel can bend around a circle of a 700 millimeters radius, Samsung’s product has a 400 millimeters bend radius. In other words, Samsung’s display can bend more than LG’s without breaking.

We will update this post with the official press release as soon as we receive it.

  • william

    Welcome to the future

    • Caron Krusewski-Weatherford

      One morning last week on the NBC Today Show during the 7 a.m. airing. The brunette that sits on the set with Al Roker. I believe her name is Natalie. Well anyway she just said probably by 2015 but defiantly by 2020. We as humans with voices will not use our own voices. Because of technology. One company felling like they have to beat the. Just to make the ratings as a whole.

  • Leon Mwazange

    I hope its not the one in the image, because that one just looks, unsatisfying :-

    • Harjifangki

      Yes. I think we need something more… Hm… Radical in design?

    • Anon

      It most probably is because Samsung showed something like that previously. But we can never tell.
      I personally don’t see the utility of curved screens. If phones are developed to the point where they can be folded (next 10-20 years?) that’ll be useful for making tablets and phablets fit in pockets.

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      I’d rather have that than the one LG is supose to launch :

      this is just pointless

    • needa

      when it was shown off… the side of the phone was a marquee. add that to the direction phones are going in the realm of touchless, and we have a winner. i would love to be able to tell my phone to display my text without me having to pick it up, or scroll through my email subjects etc.

      i have quickly become spoiled by the x. and i want more and more.

  • Roy

    Comparisons never end

  • Alexander

    Asia only first launch?

  • cycad007

    I wonder how that’s going to fit in my pocket…

  • Brendon Brown

    I don’t see how a “bendy” phone can be practical at all. Imagine texting while having a heavy hand (idiom)

    And a Curved display , if you hold the phone with your right hand will your hand not interact with the screen ?

    • bjtheone

      Why is this so hard to understand… It is not about curved or folding phones, thd big wins are lighter, lower power, thinner, and most importantly does not shatter when you drop or bang it!

  • Allan

    I really hope Samsung doesn’t boast the “industry-first” slogan that they always use for their products…

    LG clearly beat them to it. Even if it’s by a few minutes.Anyways LG was the first to confirm their plans for a flexible display; it was always a rumor for Samsung.

    • Chris

      Rumor? Um, they demoed the display early this year lol

    • NeedName

      that’s a very confusing statement. . .

      one company should get credit because they *announce* it while the other should not get credit even though they come to market first. . . huh?

  • jjordan

    I would like to know how full screen YouTube videos will look on a phone that has a bent display like the one Samsung is going to come out with.

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    Would look good on tablets more than phones. a curved phone display is pointless because the screen is too small. On a Tablet the curved screen will give us the same effect that we get today on curved TV monitors. I guess flexible displays will be used in tablets. smart watches and stuff like that more than phones. On a phone i can imagine the screen will only have a part of it curved for notifications such us incoming messages emails etc.

  • Robert Crosby

    Samsung should buy part of blackberry and have the screen pull out from the keyboard but they probably got the design and patent already worked out.

  • Manu Shukla

    If Samsung is going to launch flexible display smartphone then it is going to bring a big change but like i heard HTC & LG planing to launch curved i.e. “fixed display” smartphone then there are going to be useless

  • Polaris

    Sony actually developed the flexible OLED screen way back 2007 not samesung!

  • Max

    Any idea why the bending radius we see (in basically every picture or video of a flexible display ever demoed, like, ever) is much more like 40mm, if the quoted value is supposedly 400mm…?