Samsung Fit hands on (MWC 2014)

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 24, 2014

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Samsung Fit is a bracelet style smartwatch that offers very similar functionality to the newly announced Gear 2 and Gear Neo. However, as the name suggests, the Fit is targeted more at the booming market of fitness devices, where devices the Fitbit and Nike Plus have proven to be rather popular.

Design and hardware

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fit is that it’s much smaller than Samsung’s other smartwatches. All of the hardware is concealed tightly behind a flexible AMOLED display, including an infrared sensor, amongst others, to track your exercise performance.

Fit and comfort is going to be very important for something that you might be wearing regularly, especially when exercising. Fortunately the Galaxy Fit is very light, due in part to its small size, and the curved AMOLED display helps the device fit nicely with the contours of your wrist. The Fit also comes with an interchangeable rubber strap, suggesting that different sizes or more comfortable options could be used. Samsung will also sell several color options for the rubber strap, so this sleek little gizmo could make a great fashion accessory too.

Samsung Galaxy Fit aa 29

During our time with the device, the Fit was able to resist a fair bit of rough handling, thanks to its compact build and resistance to both water and dust. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Fit is certified IP67, meaning that it is totally protected against dust and can withstand immersion in water at depths up to 15cm.

Software and features

Just like the new Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Neo, the Fit is powered by Samsung’s new Tizen operating system. Despite its small size, the Fit retains much of the functionality found in the more conventional Samsung smartwatches, including Media Control, Find My Device, and of course, those all-important Notifications.

As far as fitness tracking goes, the Fit can count your pulse via the aforementioned infrared sensor, although this needs to be in rather tight contact with the skin to function properly, and uses its other on board sensors to track your exercise regime and in order to function as a pedometer.

Image Gallery

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Wrap up

Samsung’s entry into the fitness market has pretty much everything that you’d expect from a fitness bracelet, combined with a sleek design that’s quite pleasing to the eye. Even if you are not into fitness or outdoors activities, the Fit is still perfectly functional as a regular smartwatch.

  • AndroidBoss

    Samsung is a troll. Was really looking forward for their S5. I mean it’s not a bad phone or anything, but it could have been way better. And plus, don’t they like to make lots of editions of their flagship phones? Then why didn’t they just make a cheaper edition of the S5?

    • I know it might not appear that the S5 is a landmark device – but it really is. The S4 did not excite me in the slightest – but this device really does. The camera alone is a generation above the rest, and the modestly thicker bezels will result in a substantially stronger device (cough, drop test coming)

      • Jaun Lombard

        Only reason people think the S5 suck and all its hardware is because of the looks. If it looked like the concept people would have praised every aspect of this phone! Now they are saying the heart rate monitor and fingerprit scanner are gimmics….AA followers said Samsung should leave 2K screens and keep to Full HD to save power…now they hate Samsung for doing that and bashing the S5 for having a lower ppi than the S4!

        CRAZY I TELL YOU!!

        Please do a comprehensive comparison between the S5 and Z2! Drop tests and all!

        • AndroidBoss

          Wrong, I was totally against a 2k display on an S4, wanted a better battery life with a 1080p display. But I will say it again and again, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is meant to be cheaper than the previous Galaxy lineup. So really not a bad device especially if the price is good.

          • Jesus

            Dude, seriously… No one cares about you nor your opinion.

            Get a life lol

          • AndroidBoss

            What are you saying? Please get that dick out of your mouth and continue.

          • Mary

            You sound very cocky.
            Are you sure Jesus is the one with the cock in his mouth?

          • AndroidBoss

            Wait, not anymore. Now it’s up his ass.

          • Jaun Lombard

            I totaly agree…That is why I will buy a S5…same High Specs like all the other phones, Amazing Camera and Download Speed PLUS the S4 was cheaper than competitors on contract in South Africa and this will also be better priced (hopefully) than the rest…I might buy it, because everything in the S5 is top notch accept the looks, but its not ugly, just not as good!

          • AndroidBoss

            Yeah, pretty good specs at a hopefully low price.

      • AndroidBoss

        Yes, the bezels indeed have pros and cons. But still, make the device look a little older. Also, they really could have done better with the phone. I mean even Sony (yeah that phone company that makes phones with a hella of a glossy back) made their Z2 with better specs. But still, the Sony UI didn’t change. So yes, there are good things in the Galaxy S5, but they really could do way better.

      • AndroidBoss

        Btw, do the drop test right outside of their event, like what you guys did with the Nexus 5.

    • Mike Snyder

      Why the hell are you idiots posting comments about the S5 on this thread? The title is
      Samsung Fit hands on (MWC 2014).

      • AndroidBoss

        Because we “idiots” are disappointed with Samsung.

        • Nicci

          Then go open a comic book store… ^^

  • AndroidBoss

    For sure I’m looking forward to the HTC One.

  • Squaredwheels

    Ehhh, I like it.

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am for this! It is incredible in person.

    • Jaun Lombard

      This is what I want!

    • asdfas

      looks fantastic

  • Jaime

    I really like the look of this thing. Much better than the Gear(s).

    • Shark Bait

      Yep I’m with you on that , gear looks awful in my opinion

  • Seon-Ho Kim

    It isn’t really Android is it?

  • Shark Bait

    Any one else think this is the best looking smart watch yet?

    • Aniruddh

      I am gonna get this one,

  • austinolet

    I like it but I’m really curious does it still only work with Samsung devices… I hope not :/ I love the look but I have the nexus 5