lg and samsung

If you’re not already sick of the never-ending smartphone patent wars then here’s some more lawsuit shenanigans for you to sink your teeth in to.

Samsung has filed against sevens patents owned by rival company LG, which they allege infringe on their own patents for liquid crystal displays. Samsung is claiming that LG directly copied their plane-to-line switching (PLS) technology, which was patented back in 1997, and simply renamed it AH-IPS without paying royalties.

As a result Samsung is seeking 2 billion won, or about $1.86 million, in damages as well as an injunction to prohibit the sale of the infringing deceives, which includes LG’s Optimus G and Optimus Vu2 smartphones.

This is just another case in a long list of battles between the two companies. Back in September LG filed a similar suit against seven of Samsungs own patents for the same technology. Interestingly though this case doesn’t seem to be motivated by money, as a senior Samsung executive recently stated:

 “The fight is a matter of pride. Damage compensation is not a real issue. I think both of us seek to be recognized as a leader in the global display-making industry through the legal battle.’’

I guess lawsuit money is just chump change for Samsung.

Robert Triggs
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  • RarestName

    I hope that LG wins. Apple II is starting to become like Apple.

    • MasterMuffin

      you didn’t read that article, right? It says “This is just another case in a long list of battles between the two companies. Back in September LG filed a similar suit against seven of Samsung’s own patents for the same technology”

      • RarestName

        wut :)

        • MasterMuffin

          You don’t understand English, right? :D

          • RarestName

            ENGLISH FTW

          • MasterMuffin

            Finnish FTW? :)

  • Kyle

    LG will lose.

    • elias

      Even more ridiculous lawsuits have gone through *cough* Apple *cough*

  • Dave

    It’s important to note that this is a technology (hardware) patent and is much more explicit and non-obvious than Apple’s “rounded corners” patents. I think there is legitimacy to this lawsuit.

  • Apple_Nexus

    Did nobody notice that the article doesn’t even mention apple?

  • Guillermo Perez-Arguello

    Chump change it is, Samsung has so much money, this is about image and pride. LG copied from Sammy, period. Then they turned around and sued Sammy, are you serious?

  • abir

    These companies dont innovate anymore, no groundbreaking features in any phones anymore, just file lawsuit after lawsuit on each other after having milked their customers to the max to make their billions