Samsung Fights Back! Demands Apple Lay Down iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Final Samples

by: Chit AgustinMay 30, 2011

The skirmish between Samsung and Apple is getting more and more interesting, day by day. We knew from the very start that the clash between these two massive companies would create a lot of controversy. Samsung was sued by Apple because of alleged violations of their intellectual property, and, as such, was mandated to lay down their pre-production mock-ups of the Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Infuse 4G and the Droid Charge to Apple’s legal team, and the court. The reason why Samsung is obliged to do this is because Apple, and the court itself, needs to examines these devices to make a decision whether these will also be a part of the court case.

But it gets better – Samsung has fired back! Apple has now been served with a motion that demands they show their iPhone 5 and iPad 3 final samples together with their packaging design. Samsung has asserted that they must scrutinize these Apple devices so they can check for any resemblances with the Galaxy S 2 or the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in order for them to ready any possible legal action against Apple. This is a interesting legal move on the part of Samsung, as Apples products are shrouded in absolute secrecy. Apple will really need to employ some tricky legal maneuvering since the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3’s designs are known by only a few very senior executives at Apple.

Hey Apple, what should you do now? Nice one Samsung!

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  • Cudzoo_x

    Greed, apple has fallen down the greed hole

  • Anonymous

    All they are doing is getting lawyers rich.

  • Ramonleonjr59


  • SamsaraGuru

    WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE is good for the gander.

    Apple has been pulling every dirty little legal trick in the book to hamstring its competition; hoping that by doing so they may be able to slow down Samsung’s juggernaut, HTC and anyone else who would dare to question the great, the all power Apple! sms

    Much easier to throw a wrench into a competitor’s works and try to ruin it than actually work to beat the competitor fair and square by being creative.

    But, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Apple is afraid to compete fairly these days; to actually let their products do their talking for them? Having lost Steve Jobs, the real brains and master of ceremonies of their empire mayhap it is beginning to dawn on the acolytes that there is no one left with the “magic touch”.

    There was a study done back in the 1950’s about companies lead by charismatic leaders and what seems to invariably happen to them after the visionary who could leap tall buildings in a single bound leaves or dies.

    The study characterized “charismatic leaders” as individuals who truly DO have an ability that goes beyond the ordinary to see opportunities and trends lesser mortals can’t. They also tend to have an amazing ability to inspire creativity in others and cause them to follow and work till they drop with heightened levels of dedication and loyalty. In addition, these unique leaders usually often tend to be masters of not just one critical discipline but of several highly specific, valuable interrelated ones too; which, when coupled with their prescient ability to “see” trends, enable their decisions unleash a synergistic reaction that is far more powerful than the sum of the individual elements alone would portend; to literally carry the cumulative impact of a double, triple or quadruple “whammy”.

    That’s the good news.

    The bad news, is that once an “eye of the hurricane” leader of this ilk disappears from the scene – regardless of how many ideas they may have left behind yet to be brought to market – usually within 24 to 48 months things start to really slow down as the engines that once powered frighteningly swift progress each begin to run out of gas and come to a halt.

    Now, I am sure the man running Apple is one heck of a manager – as anyone who earns $270,000,000 or so a year ought to be! – but, only time will tell if he also has that spark of creativity that allowed Steve Jobs to take an almost bankrupt Apple and turn it into the Apple of today.

    One thing you can be certain of though is that the playing field is now a whole lot more level than it was before Android came along and became the operating system of choice for the majority of the world; Apple used to basically be the smart phone king – now – well now, they are acting more like a self-important, capricious aging prima donna who refuses to admit her beauty is fading fast and wants everyone to be just as miserable as she.

  • Michael Muyunda

    the iphone 5 isnt much of a secret its probably that bicture with the 4 inch screen and aluminium back and the box is most likely a white box with an iphone on it .

  • jamie


  • Mr Bedford

    I think it’s personal choice and your lifestyle that dictates what phone choice you make I do own apple nano and to be honest I decided to have something different so I had already choosen the Samsung Galaxy S3 mainly because I did not want to be tied be iTunes for my music, I also wanted my phone to link to my tv.
    And to be honest the makes really nice products.

  • quele cristina

    so mais aplle mais a samsung e muito bom.