Samsung flagships now receiving February security patches

by: John DyeFebruary 26, 2016

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Last year, Google made a promise to provide regular security updates to keep their major Nexus devices safe. Seeing the sense in this, Samsung took a similar oath, and has so far been good on their word. That means if you’ve got a device that was launched as a flagship smartphone, you can expect to get the latest security patch Over The Air sometime very soon.

Unfortunately, the whole “flagship” title is a little bit fluid. We’re not exactly sure what Samsung officially considers their flagships, but generally any high-end model from 2014 and beyond seems to fit the bill. We can look to past updates to get a good idea of which models should see this security patch. The Galaxy S4 didn’t make the cut, it seems, but Galaxy S5 and all variants of the Galaxy S6 did. The Note 4 and Note 5 are on the list, as are the Tab S and the Tab S2. If you’re running any of these devices, we’d be surprised if Samsung skipped you for this delivery.

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The OTA we’re expecting will include everything Google listed on February’s bulletin, but it will also cover memory corruptions and buffer overflow attack vulnerabilities that are specific to Samsung. We also expect that a number of non-disclosed bugs or safety concerns will be patched and made public after the fact.

What are your thoughts regarding Samsung and Google’s commitment to maintaining the security of high end devices, even years down the road? In the comments below, let us know if there are any particular vulnerabilities or issues that you hope to see fixed in this update.

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  • JSo

    Lol. Might as well call it the March update. Google has at least been releasing the images at the beginning of the month.

    • tansuperman

      It’s not the March update. Google will release the match update in march. Sammy is releasing Google’s February update basically in march

      • JSo

        That’s what I meant. Samsung’s cutting it a little close.

  • littledr_2001

    Australian Unbranded S5 and Tab S and no updates since October. Samsung Australia is sh*t at upkeep and customer service.

  • David

    I think you need to elaborate just a little bit about what your statement “and has so far been good on their word” actually means. My note 4 says that the last security update is from nov 1 2015. And in my book that is not monthly update. So how is that being good on their word?

    • Daggett Beaver

      For all we know, Samsung is releasing patches to the carriers, but the carriers are “fixing” them with their own additions. If so, Samsung is good on their word, but the carriers are not cooperating.

      I say this because I know Samsung sent 5.11 to Sprint months before Sprint started rolling it out to their customers.

      • David

        This is a US thing where the different carriers have their own phones. But for the rest of the world the local Samsung departments gets the updates and then they send it to all the phones in their region at the same time. So my statement still stands,- So how is that being good on their word?
        And this is all we, the rest of the world knows by just asking Samsung about the situation.

  • Alberto Maikuma

    S6 Edge+ here and no updates since November. These news are useless. lol

    • Luka Bulatović

      Here on S6 it’s since October. Not a single security patch after Stagefright…

  • Art C

    Unlocked S6 still waiting for patches or better yet Marshmallow.

    • Justin

      I’ll be waiting here even longer with a carrier s6 edge

      • saksham

        its been forever

    • Jay Smith

      same here in UK

  • abn

    Yes, yes get that [email protected] right before i put it in my phone. By September it be all screwing with our phones. I want it but I can wait a little longer. Peace and be Wild!

  • Jake

    I’m still waiting for the firmware update for Marshmallow for my Note 4 N910C. But it’s good to know that Samsung is now taking firmware security seriously and is gonna be releasing security patches on a regular basis!

  • Got this as soon as 6.0.1 came to my Note5 and that goes with anyone who got an update from the 1st of February. I have no idea why this is only being reported now.

    • tansuperman

      What Carrier are you with to get 6.0.1 on the note 5?

      • It’s not carrier specific. I have the N920C which has had 2 6.0.1 firmware released in the last two weeks. One from Iraq and the other from Cambodia.

  • EasyCare

    Oh, so older and lower rank device should be left unsecured…

    • Chris

      Well if you buy an low end device it’d your own fault

      • EasyCare

        That sounds like discrimination, yet this practice has been done by all smartphone manufacturers for years.

  • Drummer62

    Still on last November security update on Galaxy S6 on Verizon, ugg! Oh and its still 5.1.1 also.

    • tansuperman

      December with T-Mobile on note 5

      • Svnjay

        February. Galaxy S4, CyanogenMod

  • AB8486

    I have note 4 version Snapdragon but I have not received a security update

  • Svnjay

    Just in time for March.

  • Charles Patterson

    Have an AT&T unlocked Note 4 and have not seen any such update.