July 15, 2010
Samsung Fascinate for Verizon

Samsung Fascinate for Verizon

The Samsung Fascinate is part of the new line of Super-Phones from Samsung called the Galaxy S range. The Galaxy S is the original parent device, available in Europe, while the Fascinate, Captivate and Vibrant are available in the US for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively. Unfortunately, the Fascinate for Verizon may not be around with us any time soon. The reason being is simply because Verizon themselves do not know when they will be able to start shipping this device.

This news comes in light of the fact that a Verizon summer catalog was leaked recently and the Fascinate was missing. With the Droid X landing a day early, the Fascinate stands a far less chance of stealing away Motorola consumers to its high-end phone given that its not available at the same time. This is complete speculation, but we know HTC have had problems sourcing Samsung AMOLED displays recently, and perhaps Samsuing themselves are short on the items. This could certainly halt the distribution of the Samsung Galaxy S range. There is a short Samsung Fascinate video taken my our sister website MobileBurn.com after the jump.

[Source: Android and Me]

James Tromans
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