Samsung may soon offer a new extended warranty program, dubbed “Samsung Protection Plus”

by: Andrew GrushOctober 21, 2013

Samsung logo

When you buy a new Samsung product, you can expect it to include a one-year limited warranty – or two years for those in Europe. For those looking for extra peace of mind when buying from Samsung, you also have the option of an extended warranty. Unfortunately, the current program isn’t actively advertised and seems to only be offered with select products. Thankfully, this might soon be changing.

A new USPTO trademark filing suggests Samsung is getting ready to roll out a new extended warranty program under the name “Samsung Protection Plus”. According to the trademark filing, the program is about “providing extended warranties on consumer electronic products and consumer appliances”. That means from your Samsung refrigerator to the Galaxy Note 3, you should be covered.

No other details are revealed about Protection Plus, though it’s possible the program could end up being similar to Samsung’s existing extended warranty offering, only with support for more products. If it does prove similar, that means we might have several different tiers of coverage, with some extended warranties even including accidental damage handling.  Keep in mind that we are just speculating here.

All we know for sure is that Samsung has filed a new trademark name for an extended warranty program, so take the rest of this with a grain of salt. It does make sense that Samsung might want to improve its warranty program to better compete with Apple, though.

If Samsung does end up offering an Apple Care-esque program for its mobile devices, would you be interested? Or would you rather stick to carrier (or 3rd party) insurance instead?

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is good business for Samsung considering just about any phone is out of date and needs to be replaced in 1 and a half years.

  • RanRu

    “Peace of mind,” not “piece of mind.”

    This is interesting. It would be a great boost for confidence in Samsung devices.

  • Bone

    Samsung Warranty in Europe is great, it’s 2 years and they come out to repair the device (if possible in a couple of minutes). They don’t mind it being rooted so far.

  • Groud Frank

    Nice, now where is my metal phone?

    • Enes Taşdemir

      F series are coming.

  • Mayoo

    This is an interesting service. But sadly, it will take more for me to go back to them.

    – Had a Nexus S : Broke quickly
    – Have a Galaxy Nexus : Dock costs $90, had to install yaktju manually to have updates. (on Videotron / Canada)
    – Have a Nexus 10 : They weren’t able to produce enough devices quickly. Dock is nowhere to be found besides in an ad. Pogo cable had to be third-party. Cover had very limited stock and doesn’t fold, which makes it $5~$10 too expensive.

    Their product are well made, in my experience. The GNex is still solid and the N10 is the best damn tablet I’ve ever seen. But it will take more than a repair service to make me forget the lack in accessories, overpriced accessories and their quest to become the next Apple (they have their own ecosystem).

  • Eman

    As sponsored by Durex

  • Adam

    I’m surprised it wasn’t called SProtection or Smart Protection.

  • Balraj

    I would be interested…
    Especially the accidental damage thing :-D
    I guess s5 has lots to offer

  • chkenwing

    It’d be better if they also provided international coverage such as Apple’s warranty.

    Them only releasing a 16GB Note 3 in Hong Kong, is making me consider getting a grey import 32GB model (which isn’t covered by local Samsung warranty).

  • David Stam

    That’s interesting as warranties are always a pain! I will be interested in something like this, my clumsiness knows no bounds. That’s even the main reason I started using a new web app where I can collect all tech stuff and their documentation, so I have everything at my figertips, it’s It’s working fine so far.

  • nevi_me

    We already have it in South Africa, it was just an extended warrany plan (no extra cost) when they released the GS4, but with Note 3 they extended to the “extended warranty”, which allows the user to swap for a new device if there’s any fault with the current one, even if you drop the device or some other accident.