DoJ ends its investigation of Samsung over alleged patent abuse

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 9, 2014

Samsung Vs Apple Planets collide patent lawsuit

The fallout from one of the major legal conflicts between Samsung and Apple came to a somewhat anticlimactic conclusion on Friday. The U.S. Justice Department is closing its investigation into Samsung’s use of standards-essential patents to attack rivals, specifically Apple.

In August of 2013, the Obama administration overturned the U.S. International Trade Commission’s June order that banned sales of certain Apple products in the U.S., a minor Samsung victory in lieu of Apple’s big $1Billion win. Overturning this order made a Justice Department investigation into Samsung’s actions unnecessary.

The U.S. Justice Department is closing its investigation into Samsung's use of standards-essential patents to attack rivals.

The U.S. Patent Office and the Justice Department have argued that frequently allowing sales bans, as punishment for infringement of these types of patents, could lead to patent holders forcing unrealistic licensing on their rivals. The Justice Department concludes that only in rare cases should sales bans be implemented for patents of this nature.

Of course, just because the DoJ is ending their investigation doesn’t mean that they aren’t still keeping an eye of Samsung.

The Justice Department has been investigating Samsung’s use of standard-essential patents for years and pledges that it will continue to monitor further developments in this area. To be honest, the end of the investigation and even the overturn of the ITC’s ban has very little effect on the bigger picture of the Apple-Samsung war anyhow.

Samsung and Apple remain the number one and two smartphone makers globally, and still have patent disputes going on in over 10 countries. They even have a new trial scheduled to start in March of this year, but chief executives on both sides, Kwon Oh-hyun and Tim Cook, hope to find a resolution in mediation on February 19.

What do you think of Samsung and Apple’s continued patent war? Can the two companies reach some kind of patent licensing deal that will finally put an end to all of this, or are we doomed to endure this war for years to come?

  • Friðberg Leifs Jensson

    Samsung is doing this because they are trying to defend them self’s from Apple thermonuclear patent attacks just like Google and other mobile manufacturers are doing. They are basically fighting fire with fire.

    • number29

      At least Samsung had sense to step down before they got some enormous fine for their abuses.

    • Rustam

      and when you trow money in middle of both fires its even bigger fire

  • Groud Frank

    Apple has build its brand on stolen ideas but seek to persecute those who do the same.

  • Luka Mlinar

    What’s the point when the game is fixed. Apple was the first to start this patent war and as soon as someone gets close enough to spank them; the US government stapes in.

    • TheWay

      Great another Samsung fan who thinks Obama saved Apple when it was Samsung that he actually saved. are all Samsung Fans dumb people?
      Do you realize what would have happened if Obama wouldn’t interfere? Apple it would won around 50 billion simple by suing back ITC and Samsung

      • Luka Mlinar

        You get the award for the stupidest comment of the month. Congrats! How do you feel about winning this award?

        • TheWay

          Apple won, all i’m saying they should it won after the iPhone 4 and iPad got banned. Apple was already preparing their second case (for damages and shame) thats a fact.
          What kinda person goes on Youtube and he makes sure he gets there first to dislike an Apple product? the answer is Samsung trash and based on ur comment you’re on of them

          • Luka Mlinar

            I love the simple minded folk that go around on discussion boards calling people fan boys for no reason what so ever. Best of all saying it like it’s a badge of shame or something.