Droid Charge gets software update with numerous UI tweaks and bug fixes, no sign of ICS though

by: AdrianAugust 13, 2012

With Ice Cream Sandwich out for ten months already, most Android users have hoped that, by now, they’d be able to taste the new OS on pretty much any mid-range or high-end device. But when talking about a phone launched in May 2011 with Froyo on-board, it’s pretty obvious that an ICS upgrade would be out of the question.

Samsung’s Droid Charge unfortunately met those expectations. The device was left out of the Android 4.0 upgrade mix, which caused many users to avoid the 4.3-incher. For those that did stick with the phone, there might be some good news soon, as a new software update should roll out in a matter of days.

The OTA upgrade won’t bring ICS to your Droid Charge, but, based on the changelog published by Verizon, it will actually be pretty substantial. Among the changes that the new i510.FP5 software package will bring to the table, the ones that deserve your attention are an “updated user interface”, and a bunch of bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

“Improved call clarity” is another tweak that sounds exciting in theory (though it might not be very noticeable in reality), while the removal of the BitBop preloaded app should free up some space on your phone’s internal memory.

The system update, which “weighs” in at 19.3 MB, should have already hit your device. If you haven’t gotten a prompt message to install the new software package, you might want to reboot your phone and ensure you have a steady network connection. If that doesn’t help either, just give it some time. After all, you did put up with an aging UI and numerous bugs for this long, so a couple more days won’t make that much of a difference.

We’re particularly curious as to how Verizon and Samsung have tweaked the Charge’s user interface, so if you have been hit by the update bug already, please let us know how the new UI looks. How about the phone’s general performance?

  • B

    Thanks for the article. It would have been nice to receive a message from Verizon pointing to the list of changes. Oh well, all I had to do was ask google.

  • A droid charge user

    Posting this from my “updated” charge.

    No notable differences. The UI is EXACTLY the same.
    This is a pretty big disappointment :(

  • Screw android!

    Im buying an iphone5:) their updates are actually useful! And impressive! It does so much more, and will make me much happier!

    • But you’ll still be stupid and have a little dick.

  • Joe

    they changed the icons in settings, and the bloatware icons in the app drawer. pretty lame

  • tg1016

    Everything looks the same but my phone does appear faster with far less lag than before.

  • Keith

    My current apps run much more smoothly with the update. I still hope for ICS though as that would be the biggest improvement for the Droid Charge knowing that I still have over a year before I can upgrade.

  • Miles

    Not much of a change. I noticed that I have a lot more free ram, otherwise the UI is looking the same. Verizon needs to stop screwing around and let us get ICS, or at the very least flat out say “It isn’t happening”.

  • unCharged

    I just ran the update. Now I’m stuck on an infinite reboot-cycle. Good job!

    • daniel

      maybe if ur rooted itll do tht because i had the same problem and i unrooted and it worked after

  • Over it

    I was pissed last time it upgraded so now I just need to know how to get rid of the notification!!!

  • Wavydavey

    Just now getting the update. I hope things get a bit better.

  • daniel

    my wifi dont work on the explorer app but only works on app store i there a way to fix that? it started to not work with this update

  • Jimzgtp1966a

    From what I am seeing, they want us (charge owners) to waste more money and upgrade to a Galaxy phone. Like others I am sure, I have way too long to wait for my upgrade date. Pretty pissed.

  • DS

    looks like universal search is gone

  • Masonroni

    All I want to know is if this update, which just happened for me today, will elimante the screeching noise I get on calls… Anyone know if that is the clarity issue they are talking about? Its annoying as all.

    • Mouseper

      I was having this problem a couple months ago to the point that I couldn’t use my phone for calls at all. I called Verizon seven times before I finally got a rep that admitted that this was a known problem. They did send me another phone but would ONLY send another Charge. So far, it has been fine with no statically screech. I’d keep calling and calling and asking for supervisors until they replace it.

  • I received the update this morning and do not really notice any UI changes. However, and I have no way to measure this, it does seem like the apps are responding more crisply so some of the sluggishness I have been experiencing seems to have been alleviated with the update.

  • Although, as I was writing the post below my Droid Charge decided, on its own, it was time to restart. I don’t think that was one of the enhancements mentioned as it has been known to do this on occasion before the update….time will tell.

  • David Violett

    I received this update last evening about 8:00 Eastern time, and since the update I’ve had no voice or text message connection, though I do have 4G data connection. Went to the Verizon office today, and after about 1 1/2 hours the rep and tech support decided to send me out a new phone. Verizon decided not to pick up the charge for overnight delivery though, so this upgrade is going to cost me $13 to have a replacement phone shipped overnight. THANKS VERIZON!!!

  • MicheleBC

    The UI looks exactly the same to me. I just got the update though and haven’t made any calls yet, so I don’t know if my call quality has improved. All I know is I have only had this POS for a year and I can’t believe this is the best they can do. Where is the ICS? I will never buy another Samsung phone again, and I can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can get rid of this horrible phone!

  • brian

    will foxfi still work after the update?

    • DAV

      NO !! after new icu my ipad2 does NOT connect. ;'(

  • Masonroni

    My calls are taking even longer to go through when prompted then before. WTF?

  • WavyDavey

    So far, I have noticed better battery life with this latest upgrade. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not. Just to join in with the complaining, I do not like this phone and can not wait to get a new one. VZW & Samsung got one over on us that bought it when it first came out. Paying the premium price for a mid-grade phone does not make you feel good. I only had three choices and was trying to get in on the Unlimited data…so I picked the Charge over the T-bolt & LG offering. My next phone will be unsubsidized and a Nexus class phone, hopefully a Moto Nexus if we are lucky! I also want to get one directly from Google…so that I do not have to give VZW any more profits then I have to. Thanks for listening!

  • With the update the phone seems to take even longer to switch between networks if it does at all. I have missed calls because of this. Also, it didn’t remove Bitbop as stated in the above photo.