Samsung is having their own developer conference in October

by: Nate SwannerJuly 22, 2013

Samsung Developer Conference

Developing for Samsung can be a wholly different beast, as TouchWiz is an entity unto itself. Perhaps in an effort to continue to distance itself from Android, or maybe to enlighten developers to what Samsung devices are capable of, Samsung is set to have their own developers conference this October.

Running from the 27th-29th at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, Samsung is going right to the heart of development conferences. San Francisco is where Google hold their I/O conference annually, which is a precursor to Apple’s WWDC. The landing page for this event is sparse, but notes that devs can “learn about Samsung tools and SDKs”.

It could also mean that Samsung is going to move forward with their rumored watch, or a Glass contender.

It could be just a notation, or there could be more to it. Perhaps Samsung realizes they have a few winning ideas with the S-Pen and multi-window functionality. Those are two utilities that really put Samsung over the top, and could also use a few more apps taking advantage of them.

It could also mean that Samsung is going to move forward with their rumored watch, or a Glass contender. Both of those would require a specific SDK, but aren’t official yet. If there is some sort of NDA developers must agree to for the event, we’d be safe to assume one or both of those will make an appearance.

In perusing the Samsung developer website, there are three SDKs that stand out. All Share, which is their function for linking devices wirelessly. The S-Pen SDK, and the SDK for BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy. All three are SDKs which can really push Samsung into the forefront, and perhaps even be used in unison.

Whatever happens, it’s nice to see Samsung open itself up to developers. For an OEM the size of Samsung, and the muscle they have to put behind their products, it’s good to see them open themselves up for fresh ideas from outside. If we were betting on a name for this conference, the website of “” may mean DevCon is what we can call it.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Don’t forget Samsung is one key player that is or isn’t pushing Tizen
    (I’m sorry for such vague comment but I’ve read both about Samsung, that either they support Tizen or that they don’t believe is good idea or not good enough yet)