Samsung details Android ICS upgrade for US devices, but fails to reveal any official dates

by: AdrianApril 25, 2012
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Although the latest Android OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich, has been released more than five months ago, there are still a bunch of popular gadgets running on either Gingerbread or Honeycomb these days.

Samsung, probably the most successful Android device manufacturer of the moment, has failed to provide its customers with ICS updates for more than a handful of smartphones and tablets released during the past year or so, and users are clearly starting to lose their patience.

With probably exactly that in mind, Sammy has kindly released a new update schedule for US phones and tablets, detailing specific plans for devices from different carriers. Unfortunately, the list is a bit on the light side, lacking a couple of important gadgets, and it also doesn’t include any official release dates for the Android 4.0 upgrades.

AT&T customers should be the most content after taking a look at the list, which confirms upcoming updates for the Galaxy S2 (model number i777), the S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727), the Galaxy Note (SGH-i717), the Captivate Glide (SGH-i927), the Nexus S (SGH-i9020A), and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (SGH-i957).

Verizon clients should expect an ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Tab 7.7 in the near future, while Sprint users, who have recently received an upgrade for the Nexus S 4G, should wait for a similar update for the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch (model number SPH-d710).

As for T-Mobile customers, Sammy has failed to reveal any specific plans for upgrades. “We are in close communication with T-Mobile to ensure that eligible devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the coming months and will provide updates as we have additional details to share” is the only message Samsung has for T-Mobile users right. Of course, we have no way to know what “eligible devices” are they talking about and when could we expect these to be updated, but I guess there’s nothing else to do but wait and see.

Aside from the specific carrier-branded devices ready to get a big scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung will also be updating the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, 8.9 and 10.1.

That’s all (kind of) good news for Sammy users in the United States these days, but there are still two important devices missing from the list. And while the first-edition Galaxy S is not a very big surprise, as we’ve been hearing rumors of it never receiving ICS before, we are a bit shocked to see the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab not figuring in Samsung’s update plans for the moment.

The 7-incher hasn’t exactly been Samsung’s most popular tablet ever, but it has sold pretty well, and I personally would have expected it to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh, well, maybe it will after all, because Samsung hasn’t announced this list as being a definitive or complete one.

Is your Samsung device on the update list? Are you a T-Mobile customer and you’re just about to go mad over the most recent Samsung “message” for you? Do you think that the first Galaxy S or the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab will ever receive ICS? Hit us with a comment and let us know!

  • AndroidBrian

    Android shouldn’t even have made this list. Its just pathetic. Just reminds everyone of the biggest and glaring flaw. No release dates and no time frame! Are you kidding me? T-Mobile has no listed phones? So my t989 may or may not be updated!?

    Androids phones and some tablets are abandoned to early. And it takes waaaaaaaay to long for even there most popular devices to get updated. Its just sad.

  • ontheedge56

    BE WARNED! What ever you do don’t accept or ask for the upgrade to ICS. It has destroyed the look, operation and enjoyment of my Nexus S. If you go to the Google web site help desk you will see hundreds of complaints (I have 760 on my thread) about the new platform with a big variety of problems caused. There are hundreds of people wanting to restore their phones back to Gingerbread which was a fantastic platform. I read with interest that it is Samsung who control this release and not Google as I have been abusing and emailing google. Now I can demand a refund from Samsung as I will NEVER own a google based product again. Apple – here I come.
    BE WARNED!!!!!!!!.

    • Peter S

      Bullshit, ICS on Nexus is almost flawless, best android os ever. People it’s time to grow up.

      • ontheedge56

        Dikhead, read all (100’s) of other comments before mine. The majority
        advise of issues caused by it or dislike it. Well done though as the
        only supporter. You don’t look or sound intelligent enough to be the
        creator so I’ll assume you work for them.

        My issue which you call Bullshit is that I was more than happy with
        Gingerbread and there was no advance warning as to the major changes ICS
        would make to settings, look or operation of my phone. Updating was a
        forced issue as the reminder wouldn’t go away.

        Calling other peoples thoughts bullshit and telling them to grow up puts
        you in the baldheaded wankers class – oh! that’s right you are. Happy
        ICS you lone supporter.

        I am now a happy iphone customer like many other unhappy android user due to rubbish like this.

  • Dondragon2

    What is the big deal for the TMobile users? Why do we have to way indefinitely?

  • Jimmy Hat

    I dropped a bomb in my toilet…and it looked like the ICS guy but was green like the Android guy… weird…

  • Delagarzafidel

    T mobile youre really starting to piss good people off

    • guest

      yep! and I’m one of them! they are the “last” carrier to deliver ICS on the Samsung galaxy s2….and they haven’t even released it in the US!!! only in the UK! such bs! I’ve been patient for too long…

    • Nox2113

      Tmobile is just now starting to piss you off? There are so many reasons to be pissed off at this backwood ass fuking company… They just want the money and not give you Any Real Customer Service / Support!… Tmoblie is the main problem to their customers not getting the update in a timely mannor!… They don’t want to update the phones or devices that they have already gotten your money for!… They want you to buy new phones/ devices to get the update!… Thay way they can fuk you again, and again!………………………………………………

  • LoopDoGG

    Just release the an ICS t989 kernel, xda will take care of the rest. ; )

  • Sjones

    I think the most ridiculous thing about the tab 7.0 plus not having the update is that they just released teh tab 2.0 that has ICS. They have nearly identical specs, if it can run on that with Touchwiz, why has it not been put on the plus?!

    I am happy to see this list, because I had started to lose hope. It’s nice to know an update is still planned, even if I don’t know when they are planning. Hopefully before Android 5.0 lol

  • salviNENE_336

    I’m a pissed off T mobile customer also that has yet received the ICS update for my T989 aka galaxy s2. :-| They need to step up their game and get with the program!

  • DamnedUndies

    This is a huge letdown for T-Mobile customers who have the T989 and are awaiting the official ICS release.

    Why Samsung/TMobile can’t get their act together and commit to anything is beyond me…

  • Brose2004

    How about users that are not on those carriers? can the upgrade from the samsung site or elsewhere?

  • bevelista

    All the other carriers have updated original 7″ Galaxy Tabs, what is the problem with T-Mobile?
    Mainly, the total lack of communication from Samsung and T-Mobile about updates has been bewilderingly irritating. No plans to do it? Fine. Plans to do it? Fine. Just say so!

    No ability to communicate with customers? Bye bye.

  • Griffinowl

    If you think you’re left in the dark in the USA, try being Canadian!!!! We have no idea what or where or how to expect anything. I was told by Rogers, when I purchased my Galaxy 10.1 Tablet in February to expect the update any day, so I decided not to go iPad, what a HUGE mistake, and I’ll eventually find a way to get out of my contract, based on the lies presented, and will run screaming back to Apple. Samsung & Rogers have now crossed a line of failed trust between their customers and their own greed to get you signed and hooked, then dump you to the side for three years.

  • matt.south africa

    Lol what about galaxy nexus users with the yakjuxw platform (supported by samsung) i am in South Africa and its been 2 months since ics 4.0.4’s release. I’m just saying, Samsung and Google have had my custom for but a few months and may lose it to another manufacturer… possibly apple to avoid the ‘android politics’.

    Any thoughts?