Samsung and Jay-Z ‘close to inking’ $20 million sponsorship deal

by: David GonzalesJune 5, 2013

Jay Z using a smartphone
Throughout his long and illustrious career in the music industry, hip-hop legend Jay-Z has been known to be a BlackBerry user. He even referred to himself as a BlackBerry Bold in one of the songs from his album The Blueprint III, which came out back in 2009. But times have changed, and if you were to ask the famous rapper now, he would probably tell you that he’s a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The reason for Jay-Z’s change of heart? A new deal that involves king of all Android smartphone makers, Samsung, which is said to amount up to eight figures in total.

According to a Page Six story that first appeared on The New York Post, the rapper is currently in talks with mobile industry giant Samsung and is close to signing a new $20 million deal. What exactly this multi-million dollar deal covers is still uncertain. But we’re willing to bet a whole $20 of our own that Jay-Z will be getting a new Samsung Galaxy phone of his own as part of it.

One of the NY Post‘s sources stated that Samsung and Jay-Z will complete negotiations and sign all the necessary paperwork “in the next few weeks.”

This could mean the arrival of a new kind of music service that somehow involves Jay-Z and some of his upcoming works, or that Samsung is simply signing Jay-Z as a brand ambassador of some kind to promote some of its future products. Either way, we’re bound to see an interestingly fresh new collaboration with a hopefully fresher set of sounds to go along with it.

  • Paul A.

    If they could afford to pay $20M for a celebrity endorsement, you’d think they could afford to include a pair of 3-button earbuds with my $700 phone.

  • Tony Hoffman

    This is an avenue no one had taken yet. With a name like Jay z and a custom Jay s4 you open up even more potential buyers.. look what Dr dre did to the head phone game. If they don’t make a Jay z model for promotion I don’t really see the point. Nike didn’t give LeBron a 20 million signing bonus just to wear a swoosh.

    • A phone that has Jay-Z’s laugh as the default and non-changeable ringtone, perhaps?

  • Hoolie

    No sir…I don’t like it.

  • Amadeus Klein


    I’m not into the whole celebrity “featured” thing… I Don’t want “Blah Blah’s Audio” I want GOOD audio, I Don’t want to have a celebrity name or brand on my device just so I have to pay a premium for it… Give me an excellent device without the celebrity name and I’ll pay your premium, but give me an ok device with a celebrity attached and I’m not buying….

  • Mo-Z

    He’s a “hustler baby”. Not only hyped BlackBerrys, but how could you forget his line about “Motorolla 2-way pagers.” No wonder his Samsung daddys want him to pimp their phones. And the lyrics for the 20 mil: “Now give it 2 me”…

  • FrillArtist

    This is great for the mainstream audience but most techies don’t buy their gadgets based on which celebrity is using it.