Samsung Confirms Galaxy Nexus Hitting U.S. in December

by: Carl ParkerNovember 24, 2011

Current rumors place the Galaxy Nexus’ release date some time within the remaining days of November.  But, Samsung apparently confirmed to Business Insider that the Galaxy Nexus will be reaching the U.S. in December instead of November.  Another source, CNET, received an email from Verizon regarding the device’s availability in the U.S. later this year.

CNET added that this could mean release later this month, as initially announced. However, the site noted that the possibility is not likely since November is already coming to an end.

Another sign of the December launch is a recently leaked marketing scheme schedule from an unnamed source. Written in the schedule is the December 8 national launch of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. The report also detailed that delivery of demo units and accessories to stores will be done before launch date.

One rumored possible explanation for the confusing rumors about the release date is Verizon’s difficulty in acquiring Technical Acceptance, which means the final software has to be certified by appropriate authorities. Others speculate that the lag time may be to avoid many bugs in the system, such as those discovered in the U.K. GSM version.

The Galaxy Nexus has already been released in the U.K, and the release in Canada also has a more-or-less non-fluctuating release date.

Anyone getting impatient at the delay in releasing the Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.?

  • n2mararts

    yes very!! I want this freakin thing!!!

  • nyleetch2

    i think im getting a rezound instead. if they had gotten the thing out before the amazon penny-pincher sale, it would be a different story…

  • Blackcloud12

    Yes I am going to buy another phone Saturday. All the hype, then wait. Release the phone when they announce it or shut up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it will be a great phone, but I needed something for business and couldn’t wait any longer. I got a RAZR. It’s fine for my needs and I’m happy with it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty poor of them to announce a phone and not have a clue as to when it is going to be released. I hate to compare, but when Apple releases a product the release date is already set in stone. Google needs some better planning in that regards.

  • Anonymous

    they were very slow to release the Galaxy SII over here in the U.S. also, screw them whether it is Samsung or the major 3 carriers (I know it’s not confirmed yet on AT&T or Sprint) but this is so old, why keep hyping up a phone that we get totally last from other countries and usually (SGS II) months later than everyone else. Kiss my arse whoever is responsible for the delay!