Samsung confirms 64GB Galaxy S3 will come later this year

by: Bams SadewoJuly 18, 2012

The 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 model has proven to be quite the elusive one out of the three announced versions, mostly because since its introduction, Samsung hasn’t quite yet gotten around to actually release the phone. This lead to speculations that the bigger capacity Galaxy S3 has been put on the chopping block. But has it really been cancelled?

The Verge has received an official statement from Samsung that should be enough to put the cancellation rumors to rest. While the phone is still coming, you’re going to have to hold on to your money that much longer, because, well, Samsung has only shared a rather vague release date.

Here’s what Samsung said:

The 64GB model of the GALAXY S III will be available during the second half of this year. The market availability and timing may vary and will be determined at the time of release.

We don’t think anyone is in any hurry to get the 64GB model seeing the storage flexibility that the Galaxy S3 has thanks to its microSD card slot. There’s a possibility that Samsung won’t be releasing it in the U.S. as well, since it was never formally announced for the country.

With that said — anyone waiting for the 64GB model of Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • TrussellBandit29
  • Jonny P

    I want a 64Gb Galaxy SIII. I have AT&T, and would have settled with the 32Gb model, but alas AT&T decided on only releasing the 16Gb model.

    Please release the 64Gb here in the States!

  • Always Waiting In Vein

    I’ve been waiting for the 64GB. 16GB is laughable these days and 32GB ain’t much better. True a 64GB card is going to go in there too, but when U have >20GB music + >40GB southpark to fit on there before you films etc etc then you need all the storage you can get. Oh and I suppose you need room for pictures and boring stuff like that ;o)

  • Morghan

    Sounds to me like it will be necessary. I keep reading about the 12/12 partitioning of the 32GB model that completely gimps its internal storage, not to mention the lack of app2sd support preventing you from freeing up space that way.

    Between cached music, photos, map data, and some chunky games I have less than 2GB free on a 32GB device at present. That’s with all music and movies on an SD card. Seeing how close to the line I’m running on my current device that doesn’t have partitions that seem designed to deny you access to all of the available memory I’m almost positive that a gimped 32GB phone won’t cut it as a replacement.

    Now if that 32 were all in one partition and they didn’t have the real SD card mounted as external rather than your normal SD card it would be sufficient, but considering most apps don’t seem capable of storing my massive data files on the actual SD card 32 is looking kinda puny.

    Looks like I’m stuck toting a tablet and an older phone around untill Samsung either fixes their horrific file system or releases a bigger phone. Who knows, maybe HTC or Motorola will see the problem here and Samsung will be kicked harder by its own design flaws than Apple could ever manage through copyright trolling.

  • RAKA


  • cat

    please hurry up with your model i run two business and in need of an 64g and I do not wont or like the Iphone

  • DarthStrawberry

    64gb or I’m not buying.

  • But does that mean no 64GB for the USA or should I just get the 32GB from verizon and buy a 32GB SD card making it a 64GB version?

  • Please Samsung come out with the 64GB Version then we can put in a 32GB SD card got plenty of memory for music pictures and apps PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU!!

  • one3

    YES ,YES ,YES Definitely waiting for the 64 GB version, throw in 2GB of RAM (like the Korean version) and jelly bean and we’ll be the happiest smart phone users alive :D and it will be then worth the wait !

  • Alex

    I think samsung needs to get with the rythm and release the 64GB rapido! I don’t have all day and there are other competation out there. So let’s go!

  • mike

    still waiting!!!!

  • E

    64GB or nothing. Patience is wearing thin…