The restrictions of a Google Chrome OS that works exclusively with web applications have been the main suspects behind the not so grand success of the first Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, but the mediocre hardware has definitely not helped either.

You couldn’t count on the dual-core 1.9 GHz Intel Celeron B840 inside the original Samsung Series 3 Chromebox to keep up with more than basic computing tasks, so to see an “upgraded” device with the same CPU and only a slight design tweak was a major disappointment.

However, it seems Google and Samsung threw us a curve ball with the rehashed Series 3 Chromebox unveiled a couple of weeks ago. The new Chrome-based PC will in fact replace the old one, as expected, but it’s not going to be the sole representative of the Chromebox line in 2013.


A higher-end model has been spotted at several online stores, where it’s actually in stock and shipping as we speak. We have no idea why Google and Samsung mentioned nothing about this Chromebox XE300M22-A02US, but we have to say we very much prefer it over both other Chrome-powered PCs around.

Sporting the same industrial, rectangular-shaped design and businessy black and gray color combo as the first Chromebox, this little guy also has most of the same hardware as its predecessor, with one major change – a second-generation Intel Core i5 CPU replacing the old Celeron.

As you might suspect, the power boost comes at a price, but it’s not so bad – CompSource currently charges $405 for the new Chromebox, while Amazon has it available at $422.99. Meanwhile, the original Series 3 is still listed at $329 (though nobody seems to have it in stock anymore).

Anyone planning to get the Core i5 Chromebox? Is $405 a fair price to ask for it?

  • notbugs

    I’m very interested in the Chrome box, but the performance of the earlier models have put me off a bit. I want to be able to open up +20 tabs without the machine starting to wind down on me. So lots of memory and a processor that can handle that load is welcome.

    • Ezequiel Gonzalez

      I would say at least a i5 or equivalent processor and 8 gigas of ram, with a 24 inch monitor with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 so that we can keep 4 full size windows open at all times. With plenty of tabs open in each window. And of course , the capability to run several monitors at once, with unique content on each monitor. The idea is to enable true human multitasking; doing a lot of things at the same time….

      It is of little use to have a system capable of multitasking if the primary user interface limits us to one window at a time if interaction….

  • Vonvander

    I’d buy this to slap Windows on it because Chrome OS is DOA.

    • Ezequiel Gonzalez

      ChromeOS based Chromeboxes and Chromebooks will eventually replace windows based desktops and laptops for all those uses where online applications will be more productive and efficient than native, local apps… Google is running a marathon here, not a sprint. The user base of ChromeOS devices is growing, the number of web based apps is growing, the capabilities of web based apps and services is growing, the power and specs of CHromeOS devices is growing….

  • raindog469

    “You couldn’t count on the dual-core 1.9 GHz Intel Celeron B840 inside
    the original Samsung Series 3 Chromebox to keep up with more than basic
    computing tasks”

    Can you list some computing tasks that (a) require more than a dual-core, 1.9GHz CPU, and (b) are actually possible to perform under stock, unrooted ChromeOS?

  • Filip Justin

    Wish Samsung could make an i5 Windowsbox.. something with windows instead of Chrome, something that could replace the mac mini..

  • Sten Holmström

    Has this chromebox been cancelled without a replacement? It is still listed with Samsung, but not with any resellers.