Samsung tightens its grip on China, sells 12.5 million handsets in Q1

by: Robert TriggsMay 27, 2013

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The Chinese smartphone market is a tough one to crack, especially for premium handset manufactures. The market is dominated by more budget orientated handsets, and companies like Apple have been struggling to match their Western markets performances due to the higher price point of their handsets.

However, it appears that Samsung is going strong in China and has managed to make more of an impact in the Chinese market than any other manufacturer. The company had already held the title as the top selling smartphone company in China for the previous four quarters, and has just posted a record high sales figure of over 12 million units in the first quarter of this year.

To be more precise, Samsung sold roughly 12.5 million smartphones in China between January and March, which is the first time that Samsung, or any other manufacturer, has managed to sell more than 10 million smartphones in China in a single quarter.

To put this in perspective, Samsung now owns about 18.5% of the Chinese smartphone market, according to US market research group Strategy Analytics, and has managed to increases its share by 2.2% over the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, rival company Huawei pushed itself into second place by selling 8.1 million smartphones last quarter, overtaking Lenovo which sold 7.9 million units. Fourth and fifth places are made up by Coolpad and ZTE, whilst Apple is still someway behind Samsung, having sold only 6.1 million units, leaving the company in sixth place this quarter. Most disappointingly though, LG only managed to shift 100,000 smartphones, accounting for a rather pitiful 0.1% share.

The importance of a strong performance in the Chinese market cannot be understated, as the country makes up about 32% of global smartphone shipments. Continued dominance in China and other markets worldwide ensures another healthy start to the year for Samsung.

It will be interesting to see if the company can continue to tighten its grip on this growing market by the end of the year.

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    oh yeah.
    where u at crapple ? LOL

  • Alex Zhao

    So half of the Android devices are sold in china

  • j

    in china most people buy phones smuggled from abroad, the actual number of people who use samsung should be much much more.

  • jankovi

    Samsung world’s No. 1 smartphone seller in Q1: data
    SEOUL, May 28 (Yonhap) — Samsung Electronics Co. regained its status as the world’s largest smartphone seller in the first quarter of the year, dethroning Apple Inc. in terms of revenue, data showed on Tuesday.

    Samsung sold smartphones worth US$23.62 billion in the January-March period, regaining the top spot lost to the iPhone maker in the fourth quarter of last year, according to the data by market researcher Strategy Analytics.

    Indeed worldwide and they won in revenue too for q1

    • ntd

      What is interesting is LG and Sharp have returned to profit… I was surprised Sony wasn’t listed…

  • luis383

    I think there is different market between Taiwan and China…

  • 陳碩漢

    Taiwan is Taiwan, not part of mainland china.

    Please be noted about that, and there is a obvious mistake in that graph