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Samsung’s poor sales have been affecting more than just the company’s reputation. The Korean giant has had to close down main stores and now we are finding out even the CEOs are suffering… if you can really call earning millions suffering. The latest report from the Korea Herald states all three co-CEOs have seen a drop in their annual income. They still earn a fortune (by our definition), but it’s significantly less compared to the previous year.

Sammy’s regulatory filing showcases the following information:

  • CEO Kwon Oh-hyun received 3.82 billion won (about $3.25 million USD), compared to 6.25 billion won in 2014.
  • CEO Yoo Boo-keun received 2.34 billion won, compared to 3.61 won in 2014.
  • CEO Shin Jong-kyun received 2.28 billion won, compared to 12.03 billion won in 2014.

It’s safe to say these guys are not exactly hurting either. Maybe instead of a Ferrari they will get a Corvette or something. Regardless, those are some significant drops… especially the last one. But the main thing to keep in mind here is that their actual salaries stayed nearly the same. It was the diminishing bonuses that affected their income so much, and those are definitely based on the company’s performance.

samsung galaxy note 5 review aa (20 of 32)

Samsung’s efforts have definitely been noticed this year. The company finally gave in and released a smartphone that didn’t feel like a toy (Samsung Galaxy S6), which is important in a market where all manufacturers are focusing on build quality. This was likely one of the main reasons we saw their sales went up (even if that didn’t help much).

I say they have a good chance at coming out of this hole. The company is, after all, one of the top dogs in the market. They seem to be working on a winning equation with their new devices. Not only are phones better built, but they are more interestingly made, with some having those edged displays some of you fell in love with.

Let’s just wait and see how things work out in the near future. Our main concern isn’t tracking how much richer CEOs are, but those numbers are a direct representation of how a company is doing. What do you think? Is it time for Samsung to leave the throne? Do you want Samsung to stay on top? Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
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    I want Motorola to be top again.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      U need marty n doc to go back to the past with their car time machine

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        i know :(

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Bashing Samsung must go on . Apple FTW .

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    This site always enjoy bashing samsung n gave Negative article, why dont u just give article about s6 edge saved life man during terrorist attack? Of course not, cuz u hate samsung always on the top of android, u see Sony, HTC, LG, Blackberry? They are dying in smartphone era. I will remember u edgar cervantes mojito juan pablo ilegal mexico el polo loco

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Haha. I don’t hate Samsung, bro. I am actually using a Samsung Galaxy S6 as my daily driver right now. And there’s no need to get racist. All I said was the truth; Samsung’s numbers are not what they used to be.

      • Nallaikumaran

        All I said was the truth? ha ha..

      • The-Sailor-Man

        In the article is written:
        ‘Samsung’s poor sales have been affecting more than just the company’s reputation’.

        Samsung is selling more than any other OEM . Check it out.
        And what about the ‘reputation’? Is it down? Or must look down?

        • pjtpjt

          And they are selling less than before, because they abandoned their most faithful customers, by selling iPhone copies. And they only support their flagship devices for a year and half. The Note 3 is still on 5.0.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            I know u just samsung hater n point argue w u but the biggest samsung competitor on android is chinese smartphone like xiaomi n huawei. I dont know why do u want update software cuz in my experience it make my phone lag as hell (s4 lolipop), even my ip 5s w update software ios 9.0 it was lag when open recent apps and loading apps take longer than before. So i prefer buy new phone every 2 years

          • pjtpjt

            ROFLMAO :D :D :D Samsung hater? And you are a fanatic, nobody can argue with you. And you are an iPhone fan too? No surprise the S6 line is for you, and not for me, who had Samsung phones since the Omnia in 2008, and Android phone made by Samsung since the Galaxy Spica in 2010.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            Yes yeees let the hate flow in your blood, khukhukhu

          • The-Sailor-Man

            They are selling more than last year . But you should read not only Cult of Mac and AA, to know it.

          • Scr-U-gle

            When they sell less than a tenth of what Apple are selling and spend 10x what Apple spend on marketing, that is a massive failure.

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        It was a joke ( but i thought you’re mexican lol!)
        Why dont u share article about s6 edge saved guy life during terrorist attack? Im curious w the comment section

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        And i dont like your article like this

    • haroonazeem638

      LOL calm down dude. He is just reporting relevant news.

      On a side note, I think maybe dropping the costs a bit could have helped with sales too. I know they did that a few months ago for the S6 and the S6 edge but Samsung can always do more!

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Not reporting the news, but the way of reporting the news is the point.

        • Raw Mess

          so explain , how should the news be reported ? samsung sales are down , ceo’s salaries are too . how would you write it in title ? they are not reporting any fake news , they are just explaining whats fact . you see this story on gsmarena , androidpolice , androidcentral – the way of explaining it is gonna be the same . so stop being a kissass to samsung and accept the fact that samsung is failing !

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            And if samsung failing android will failing too, cuz only samsung can sell so many android phone and that make android become number 1 OS in the world.

          • Raw Mess

            samsung phones are way too much in number , there are 100+ phones for a single series without any build or specs difference . I’m talking devices like galaxy star , star duos , star pro , star advance ; grand prime , prime value edition , grand , neo , neo plus and the list goes on . Each of them are abandoned from any updates , maximum update samsung will provide to any non flagship is a single update , even if the phone has more than enough specs . Instead of providing updates , they just release new device with new name with new os , eg are neo plus and prime value edition . Lastly , its not samsung that grew android , its android that grew samsung . Compare samsung’s sales to age of symbian and now n u’ll know

          • The-Sailor-Man

            Check out your facts. Samsung is selling now more than last year, but he didn’t bother to mention it.

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        I know, why not report the news about LG, sony, or blackberry? How dying the company, i wanna know

        • haroonazeem638

          Because these companies are not the leaders in Android sales. Sony, LG, Blackberry, HTC all are way behind Samsung in smartphone sales….and they all have been for the past few years. For Samsung, this is NEW. It wasn’t happening the past few years. This news in important because despite Samsung changing their design, they are struggling with selling their smartphones. THAT is news to me. It has nothing to do with anyone NOT liking Samsung. Go to ANY mobile site…this is current news and everyone is reporting it.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            Blame it to chinese smartphone

          • haroonazeem638

            You can blame it to whoever you want. The fact is that there are now a LOT more Android manufacturers out there who are creating excellent devices for half the price. For Samsung to compete in this market, they need to either come out with something revolutionary or lower their prices.

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            And thats why they cut the salary cause now samsung cut all the price of their product

          • An Droid

            If you have any sense, you’ll know that you get what you pay for. I can afford Galaxy phones and will not settle for Chinese crap.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Because Korean knock offs are a sign of good taste and a mark of quality, very witty.

          • An Droid

            The S6 edge is a knockoff of what?…….. Yes, I thought so!

          • Scr-U-gle

            Exactly, you don’t know.

            It’s a bit bigger iPhone 4, that even Androne fanzines like this one admit is an iPhone knock off with a screen bend that serves no purpose. Well done, you just prove how little you really know.

            As Andy Rubin and Chris DeSalvo admit publicly, they copied the iPhone, as Androne was so 90’s.

            What happened to the Androne Sooner and G1?

            What a moRoid you really are

          • An Droid

            There you go again, waffling on like the troll you really are. And no, I don’t know, as it copies nothing, and innovation does not copy. Go back to playing with your little iShit, you moronic Sheeple.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Sheeple = the ones who follow the biggest crowd.

            Innovation, and I mean an actual innovation that works, I have waited seven years for one from androne.

            Still nothing but copying iOS/iOS jailbreak community, as Andy Rubin and Chris deSalvo have stated.

            See you have no answer and resort to lame automated reponses, like the good little androne you are.

            You forgot to say how androne was out before iPhone (wrongly), and how the Sooner (blackberry knock off) and G1 (Nokia knock off) were so successful Google had to do as they always do, and just rip everyone off.

            Maybe you should resort to telling us how original Google are, with their stolen algorithm, ir how secre they are with their open book servers?

            What still nothing to say except for bullshit and bluster?!?

          • An Droid

            And there you go again, spewing frivolous rhetoric! Nothing of what you say has any merit. Typical of a keyboard samurai troll!

          • bennylee 123

            They charge was too much for them with little charge in there batteries way to small in them also took away it’s easy roit its what made Samsung popular was modfing community .then shit on them at xda with lock bootloaders Knox .efues .and other .when xiaomi is offering exactly that what Samsung used to .even lower price similar spec .just need xiaomi and others to officially launch in west and will rise to number one within an year or 2

    • saksham

      the man has a point

    • Raw Mess

      why not hate samsung ? they abandon their even recent devices with enough specs from update , they are extremely high prices , there are 10 editions for a single phone – galaxy grand , grand neo , grand neo plus , grand prime , grand prime value edition . specs that samsung prices $500 are available from xiaomi , huawei , vivo and other brands for less than half the price , updates are more satisfying over that . i used to own a note 2 . now i own a xiaomi mi4i and this being a mid range phone has provided me greater satisfaction and performance than samsung . so they aint hatin , they’re merely conversating fanboy

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        In my country, samsung centre always around the corner like apple, when something happen, they give good service, thats why the price is equal w their service, how about xiaomi huawei lenovo? When those phone broke, u can throw it n buy again cuz limit of service centre and spare part chinese product almost half the price of phone. Thats my experience

        • bennylee 123

          But when these actually lanch in west you will see these services xiaomi has great services in China and asos but not launched in west yet but they offer things no others do look it up

      • Faraz Masood Khan

        Good point, even LG being Korean company have 10 thousand version of G3, in middleast they charge even more for the same model then in US, and if we digg internals they are lower priced alternative, for example when I was porting CM 12.1 to my G3 D856; WiFi, Bluetooth are from Broadcom rather than Qualcomm as in US variants and firmware they shipped with have BIG letters declaring they are TESTONLY

      • bennylee 123

        You for got galaxy zoom and mini editions lol

    • Svnjay

      Wah wahhh. Fanboy is butthurt.

    • abazigal

      Because it would sound tasteless and insensitive in the light of the terrible tragedy that had just unfurled?

      Seriously. I thought you would have more good sense than that.

  • Nallaikumaran

    This is not true. androidauthority fooled us.Shame on androidauthority or be-fooling their readers.

  • Karly Johnston

    Things must be bad if they are dropping salaries by half.

    • Android Developer

      I wouldn’t mind this salary cut for myself if I had this salary.

  • 84guy

    Sales drop the year they lock the battery inside their phones . :)

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      No it since s5 w removable everything n waterproof, and chinese phone made the sales samsung drop, do research my friend

    • forio

      Exactly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the cause and effect of recent Samsung flagships.

      They remove features, they got sales drop.
      It’s really that simple.

  • Samsung did a fabulous job on the S6. But they did not engineer it well to accommodate what their loyalists always wanted – a removable battery and expandable storage. Copying your competitor’s past ‘weaknesses’ is a strangely aberrant practice from Samsung. It made loyalists question if they were asking too much from a svelte device that trumped features in an iPhone. Also, Samsung has done some good by releasing the A5 & A8, but market surveys would clarify that only tech enthusiasts would know whether said devices actually exist and have a higher priced sibling too. In other words, the galaxy brand needs to stand for itself. No more watering it down to have another 15 identically named ones. The A5 and A8 needs a better moniker and they should stand on their own. Its a shame people have no idea of the A5 which is a great device for its price.

    • Pavithra

      Oh no, don’t give Sammy the idea of changing names – A5, A8 is still better.
      Heard about the new devices with weird names?
      Samsung Galaxy On5, Galaxy On7? What the heck is On5 and On7? Successor would be Off6 and Off8?And the final nail in the coffin would be RIP7 and RIP9

      • hahahaha! Good one! You need to be their product officer yo, you got the right nomenclature for them!!
        I think these guys need to do what Toyota and Nissan did, by branching the galaxy line unto a brand in itself. Many people are still unaware where Lexus & Infinti’s are really from!

        PS – C’mon, A5 and A8 are terrible names.

  • Smartdfbra

    I believe that the main problems in the new Samsung handsets are: 1) do not have entry to memory card; 2) not change battery; 3) side buttons – the position of LG buttons is much better.

  • bennylee 123

    Stop charging so much for your crap xiaomi is smashing your door down . because it builds just as good of phones and tvs but fraction of cost to buy .only apple can get away with high prices .and if these Chinese companies do launch in the west they will probably knock apple off top spot too

  • bennylee 123

    They started with Knox that started killing sales then efues then refusing warranty claims for faulty swollen batteries which swell crack inner led panel outer screen still mint un marked but refue to fix unless pay 150gbp mother boards faults keeps saying no Sim installed .the price is way to high battery way to small .devs made Samsung popular but shit on them with first few comments of my post .then along can decent spec phones from China bigger batteries on third of price of Samsung if break can buy 2 more for cost of Samsung .I used to like sa.sung had many phones tablet but now going with xiaomi .and mi TV is awsome for 500 quid android 4k 3d 49 inches with sound bar woofer included and Samsung sells simaler TV’s for 3000gbp see why they losing yet can buy 6 mitv for cost of one sammy

  • Diego

    Samsung, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your customers.

  • Souldier rick

    yeah they should stay but add removable micro sd card storage they didn’t add that with the note 5 and that’s what made me not get it every one uses sd cards for different reasons

  • mikey17

    The photo of the S6 edge at the top has a piece of lint or a little hair coming off of the top of it…
    That distracted me too much from the article.