November 9, 2012

Samsung Captivate Glide

If you are an AT&T customer that currently owns a Samsung Captivate Glide, we have great news for you. Tomorrow your smartphone is finally making the jump over to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If this announcement is making you experience déjà vu, that’s because the ICS upgrade for the Captivate Glide was first promised in April. Samsung even released the update briefly in September. Unfortunately, there were quite a few errors reported with the ICS update, including keyboard problems. Samsung decided to pull the update until they could address the reported issues.

It looks like Samsung has finally straightened everything out for real this time. You can update starting November 10th (tomorrow), though you will be required to go to Samsung’s website and fetch the update manually. This seems like an awfully primitive way to get an upgrade these days, but we’ll take what we can get.

What can you expect with the update to Android 4.0? Major speed improvements, offline reading mode, the ability to use Face Unlock, improved notifications, better multi-tasking and the list goes on. While a jump to Jelly Bean might have been more exciting, this is no denying that this is a welcome update for Captivate Glide users that haven’t jumped ship to a newer phone yet.

Andrew Grush
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