New Samsung commercial: Galaxy S4 is compared to… you know what

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 29, 2013

Galaxy S 4—Ready for Take-off - YouTube 34 000641

Samsung just can’t give up on its favorite pastime, which everybody knows is bashing the iPhone and its users in every possible way. Is it a good strategy? I don’t know. Should Samsung show a little, you know, class? I think so.

At least the ads are mostly funny. This is the latest.

What’s your favorite Samsung commercial of all times?

  • Tamadrummer94

    They haven’t stopped playing up their gimmicky features, that’s for sure. And when you have to build in an “easy mode,” that should probably tell you something.

    • Biavela

      Easy mode is for former apple users and old people.

      • RarestName

        I’ve seen people switching from iOS to the S4 and they don’t use easy mode.

        • Biavela

          It was a joke…

  • Jusephe
    • Not defending Samsung, but the report is very sketchy. Till we know more I wouldn’t point fingers.

      • Justin Foster

        Lol, ikr. if the battery really exploded, I doubt it would have been just a small flame. He still had it in his hand and was able to throw it.

    • mumusen

      I am NOT a Samsung fan.. in fact i hate their touch wiz and greediness but this looks like total BS. Burnt an apt.? Seriously?

    • Justin Foster

      Rofl, why do I have the feeling these events are being planned by Apple. They went from the courtroom to the explosive room.

  • flamencoguy

    And Apple does not stop suing Samsung using “bogus” patents in an attempt to halt its market share advance !!! That’s not class either. Show some real innovation instead of rounded corners and rectangles….l

    • Piyush

      and you dont have a clue which patent is used for suing , there lawyers dont innovate , there specific employees are there for apple to do innovation and stop that nonsense that apple lost there innovation tell me one company who makes ipod touch ,ipad , iphone , mba , mbp , mac pro , osx , ios , icloud services , itunes , appstores , they always update this product every year or two .macbook are standard for or laptops.

      • flamencoguy

        And you can’t spell !!! (“their”, not “there” ) And what makes you thing I don’t have a clue as to what patent Apple is suing on. I think you don’t have. I read everything about Apple lawsuits. I have a Google Alert on that subject.
        I am not going to do research to list them all:
        I do know that “pinch to zoom” and “scroll bounce” patents were used in previous lawsuits.
        Anymore questions?
        BTW I read FOSS Patents. Heard about this?
        You do not understand the issues. Just LOVE your Apple products.
        You admire their business tactics and morality?

        • Piyush

          its not love for me to apple, its the hate you have against apple that blinds you and bash apple whenever you see news about them without research .

  • Ryan Castle

    Ironically, Samsung has to buy iPhones to say “Don’t buy iPhones”

    • Maybe they get actors who already have iPhones for such roles :)

    • Biavela

      Nop, the advertising company.

  • Piyath Alawatte

    Ha ha ha ha….. Good job Sammy…

  • Jaun Lombard

    Well…people might say the features are gimmicks, but those features will be in every other phone…just wait! Plus Samsung is showing people that they can compete with Apple because their phone’s features are actually what sets it apart from the rest of the android group…Sony can’t make an ad like this, because their phone is very close to stock android, thus almost no extra software!

  • Bryan Z

    its not going to happen but I wish Google and Android would drop samsung before samsung drops Android… I’ll stick to my Nexus 4 samsung keeps embarrassing android’s core culture.

  • kascollet