Samsung Behold II for T-Mobile USA

Samsung Behold II for T-Mobile USA

So I received the Samsung Behold II this morning, as I had hoped.  You’ll find the video of the unboxing and first look after the break, along with a few informally snapped photos of the device.

First impressions?  The AMOLED display is not as colorful as those found on other Samsung phones, though it looks pretty much the same as the one on the Moment for Sprint.  The UI has been given the TouchWiz look, but there’s some real drawbacks to that.  And first impression of the 3D cube menu is that it is just flat out absurd.  Don’t waste a button for that….

Hardware build seems to be pretty good, though.  I especially like the warm feel of the rear cover, which reminds me of the Samsung Jet.  The d-pad works well, too, and I like that the unlock key requires just one press.  Reception might be weak, but some of the Samsung developed UI tweaks, such as the WiFi controls and the new notification area, seems pretty darn nice.

Video and photos after the break.

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