Samsung ATIV Q dual-booting Android/Windows 8 convertible tablet canceled?

by: Chris SmithAugust 23, 2013

Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung’s first dual-booting Android/Windows 8 laptop/tablet combo that was unveiled in June during a special London-based event may already be canceled, some reports say – interestingly, the device appears to have been removed from Samsung’s website.

South Korean publication Naver has it from sources familiar with the matter that Samsung has ran into some patent-related issues with the ATIV Q, which may be the reason why the device may be canceled.

Nothing is official at this time from Samsung, and it’s not clear what patents may prevent the launch of the ATIV Q, but it appears that existing pre-orders that have already been taken by retailers will not be honored.

Furthermore, when looking for the product on Samsung’s website, we weren’t able to locate it other than in press materials released on June 20. The ATIV Q product page for Samsung’s UK page ( redirects to the ATIV Book 9.

In late July, we received a tip telling us the ATIV Q may have been removed from Samsung’s online site. When investigating it, we discovered that the convertible tablet was indeed missing in certain places where it would have been expected to come up (including press materials), but it all appeared to be a glitch in the system as later that day we were able to find the device online.

This time around, the ATIV Q is gone for good, not counting the press releases posted on Samsung’s website (see Via links below).

That said, we can only wait and see how this one will play out, as there’s still no official word from Samsung regarding the ATIV Q’s launch or demise. However, the fact that the ATIV Q can be found on the company’s website is not very reassuring.

Has anyone had a chance to pre-order the ATIV Q? What’s your order status?

  • Cl3V3rNaMe

    patents blocking innovation from happening=lame

    • MasterMuffin

      Yup, that’s the best tablet around if we don’t look at the price and few patents are blocking it from becoming reality??

    • rajh

      I believe MS doesn’t allow its latest tablet OS to be dual boot, for security purpose, secure boot aka TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

      • Patrick

        Dual boot is a wrong description, Android is emulated in Windows.

  • Fantastico


    • RaptorOO7

      Not vaporware, it was a great product that just couldn’t get launched due to potential legal issues. If this is true then Samsung is being smart in avoiding more costly litigation for the small profit margins they would make anyways.

      I wish companies would license features instead of using them as a tactical weapon. Face it Apple . . . NOT EVERYONE WANTS YOUR SHIT!

  • George

    It was awesome!! :(

  • RaptorOO7

    Typical, patents that are neither in use (actual product) or a company who is not selling squat holding back innovation and competition. Makes you wonder what is becoming of the patent system, could it get any worse, very likely. That you USPTO.

    • Ivan Myring

      Any money its Apple

      • Justin Longshore

        Eh as happy as I usually am to blame problems, especially patent related, on Apple its highly unlikely its them this time. I can’t think of any patents apple would be “smart” enough to have grabbed up, seeing as there is no talked of future for a full OSX tablet. Its probably framing Microsoft to blame here. And its likely not even a patent issue but an OEM terms issue that MS brought up to Samsung. Sucks big time. but, if this doesn’t pan out in favor of consumers, hopefully we can still see something of the likes of the Asus Transformer Trio still come out

  • riceryder

    Damn! Was waiting for one…really curious to find out what patent(s) it violated.

  • Bob

    More than likely, it has to do with Windows licensing. Microsoft has long had (secret) terms in OEM agreements that prevent the use of other operating systems.

    Very sad. Let me point out this little company called Canonical who would be happy to let you use their OS Ubuntu…

    • Justin Longshore

      Although Ubuntu is a viable, and strong, OS, it just sinply wouldn’t sell well at all. Ubuntu, or any other Linux distro I know of for that matter, just simply cannot do as much as a Windows OS. Particularly in the gaming field for example. I want to have all, if not at least most, of my PC applications on a tablet, not a glorified large phone missing a radio modem. That is the reason people didn’t go for any Windows 8RT devices, as it just wasnt quite the experience we were looking for.
      Besides, it would be almost completely redundant to have Ubuntu dualboot with Android on a tablet since Android can do a fairly good job of standing on its own as a “laptop”-like OS, as we’ve seen work especially well with the Asus Transformer series which added the components most desperately needed on a tablet interface to make it an efficient usable work machine.

  • Jarvamonicon
  • End in sight

    Well, this was as close as I was going to get to continue using Microsoft. I would guess that MS put the kibosh on this, and if so, screw you MS.

    This was going to help users to be more productive…so please don’t forget who is holding you back from being more efficient.

    I will dump windows for my next machine. May windows and ms office rot in h€ll.

  • Q.

    Sammy should consider releasing a cheaper Windows 8 only and Android only versions instead.

  • ran

    Very disappointed, whoever block innovation in the name of patent need to be punished by the consumers

  • Guest

    They could just release it with Windows 8 only. It would still be awesome.

  • The ATIV Q was closer to the design I want from a convertible. Originally, I was interested with the detachables but the existing cpu is still non-haswell. I was already considering this machine to partner with my Note3 to Sidesync.

    • Tom

      Me too, I knew what I wanted and Samsung looked like they were going to deliver.
      Very disappointed!

  • weegie-boy

    Better not be some patent trolling company? :(