Samsung wins order from U.S. Army, close to NSA order

by: Shawn IngramFebruary 13, 2014


Samsung might be on its way to supplanting BlackBerry as the smartphone maker of choice for government agencies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung recently won an order from the U.S. army for about 7,000 smartphones, and is close to securing another order from the National Security Agency for several thousand devices. Historically, government agencies would choose BlackBerry devices due to their security, but Samsung devices are also secure enough for  government use, after some modification.

The army’s order is for 7,000 Galaxy Note 2s for its Nett Warrior system. The system will attach the phablets to the soldiers chests for use on the battlefield. Samsung actually had a contract for the project before, but this new order expands the number of devices involved.

The NSA order is said to be part of the Fishbowl project which is simply aimed at upgrading the devices used by the agency’s employees.

Both agencies install their own secure software on the devices they buy from Samsung, but the fact that they even consider Samsung for such large orders is a big deal for the company. The government choosing to use Samsung devices send signals to major companies that they’re secure enough for their networks, as well.

The upside for this companies who might look into Samsung devices over BlackBerry devices is their employees might actually enjoy using the Samsung phones. Who wouldn’t prefer a Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 over a BlackBerry Z10?

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  • MadCowOnAStick

    the world will end if Apple makes phones for government agencies

    • clang

      at least they have thermonuclear reactor ready..

    • Southall87

      It’s never going to happen because apple wouldn’t let them install there own security onto it.

  • Arcybiskup

    USA Goverment takes Galaxy Note 2s, and people on sites like this one are crying “OMG this device is shit, cause it doesnt have Snapdragon 800″…

    • smokebomb

      Would you rather they spend your tax money $50-100 per phone for note 2s or $300-400 for S4 and note 3s? Government workers don’t need brand new phones.

      • Arcybiskup

        OK Maybe youre right. Sorry, i live in a country where money from taxes are spent on evrything best as possible for goverment and collegues :P

  • Arturo Raygoza

    gotta give the govt the best tools to spy on us!!

  • Double

    They don’t buy cause the Note 2 is cheaper !!!
    I’m Admin and responsible for mobile devices too. The Problem is that Note 3 and S4 are phones “to be spyed”.
    …and E-Fuse makes it impossible (for now) to root the Phone without warranty void.
    The “only” way to make devices secure is to root them, so that you can modificate them.
    That’s the reason why we no longer buy Samsung devices !!!

    • Android Guru

      well said :)
      and my current device is the S3 but i will never buy a samsung device or upgrade mine, actually i am running CM11 but will get the Nexus 5 very soon hopefully :)