Analyst: Samsung to sell 290 million smartphones this year, blow past Apple

by: ŠtefanJanuary 4, 2013

Samsung is estimated to have sold 215 million smartphones in 2012 according to Strategy Analytics, and they say that number is only going to go up. They predict that in 2013, sales of Samsung smartphones will hit an astounding 290 million units. That would give them 33% of the smartphone market, compared with the 31% they’ve achieved in 2012. The company’s arch rival, Apple, will also grow, but not as much as Samsung. It’s expected that 180 million iPhones will be sold this year, up 33% compared to 2012’s numbers, giving the company a significant 21% share of the market.

These numbers don’t tell the whole story however. Sure, Apple will probably never sell as many iPhones as Samsung sells Android phones, but then again an iPhone costs $600. Samsung sells ultra low end devices like the Pocket, Ace, and Mini for less than half the price of a regular iPhone. It’s no surprise then that Samsung will ship more units since they’re addressing a larger market. What Samsung should really be scared of is Apple making a cheaper iPhone. That rumor is as old as the iPhone itself, with many disagreeing as to when, or even if, it will happen.

Focusing on Samsung again, their hit product this year will obviously be the Galaxy S4. Depending on who you believe, it’s going to be announced in either April or May. All we know is that it’s guaranteed to have a 1080p screen since that’s going to become the standard for 2013. It’ll also have a chip that uses ARM’s Cortex A15 processor, but we don’t know if it’ll be a dual core or a quad core solution. Either way, it’s going to be plenty fast.

And then there’s Android. What’s Google going to do to it in 2013? What can they do? Jelly Bean is pretty damn near perfect. It could be a bit smoother, but that can be said about every platform currently in existence.

  • I guess this was to be expected. Apples continuous attacks in the courts have probably woken a sleeping giant. They are on a mission to crush Apple in the market place.

  • kascollet

    Samsung will keep on selling more smartphones than Apple, that’s a no brainer, but the mobile war is now shifting towards tablets. It’s the only way to consolidate a platform and captivate users for good.
    Samsung has yet to develop and put to the market a very good tablet or they won’t be able to retain their users. Both devices are complementary, each one reinforcing the other. As of today, only Apple offers a consistent smartphone + tablet experience.

    • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 is an excellent tablet to be honest.

      • kascollet

        Yes it is, but by 2011 standards. The new Nexus 10 has pushed the envelope further but still not on par with the iPad (the 10″ one). There’s still much work to improve GPU power, browser speed and apps still lack. Let’s hope 2013 will erase the gap.

  • thepowerof

    Of course they will, it’s logical. Samsung produces a broader range of phones per year, from low-end to high. Versus one iPhone annually.