Samsung fails to reach agreement with Apple

by: Shawn IngramFebruary 14, 2014

Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4 aa 2Last month Samsung was slated to sit down with Apple to possibly reach a settlement in an ongoing patent dispute, but it seems they weren’t able to come to an agreement.

Samsung CEO JK Shin reportedly met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in the U.S. last week, but the two executives couldn’t come to any sort of agreement. A Samsung spokesperson told ZDNet Korea that “we can’t confirm whether the two CEO met, or if they did, what the results were,” which is the very definition of a non-answer.

The court gave Samsung and Apple until February 19 to reach an agreement out of court, which gives the companies another five days to find common ground. If that doesn’t happen, the court will hand down its final decision on the patent case.

The initial ruling would see Samsung pay Apple $930 million for patent infringement. That may change with the court’s final ruling, however. It’s hard to imagine the payment having a huge impact on Samsung unless it’s increased.

Do you think Samsung should have tried harder to reach an agreement with Apple? Is it even possible for the two companies to agree on anything?

  • Jayfeather787

    Don’t submit Samsung. Wear Apple out like a dish rag.

    • On a Clear Day

      This fight is about bragging rights – not commonsense, nor even Apple having been wronged by Samsung.

      Apple’s biggest claim to fame – and only actually distinguishing quality right now given the fact even mid-range phones these days out spec it in practically on any parameter you might cite – is their over-vaunted “mystique” in the market place that has allowed them to get away for ever it seems with charging a premium price for ordinary products, simply because they carry the name Apple.

      They realize that once they loose the cache of misperception and delusion so many people have bought into that their edge will disappear like smoke and their reflection in the mirror will reveal them for what they are – bullies desperately trying to hold and keep people in their “ecosystem” so their cash cow will continue to grow fatter by the day.

      What apparently they don’t realize is that people don’t like bullies; don’t like spurious lawsuits that even a cretin can see are nothing more than self-serving efforts to hamstring the competition so that Apple doesn’t have to work hard at keeping up in any race they run. Oh well, the bigger they are – the harder they fall.

      • Jayfeather787

        Nexus 5 is not mid-range.

        • On a Clear Day

          Price wise it is. I call $300 +/- mid range. For that you can get – even without getting the Nexus 5 – a hot to trot phone that will serve you well.

          • Brian Shieh

            Most people consider mid-ranger by specs. In that case, the Nexus 5 is by means, no midranger

          • samsungsupporter

            Android is also open source whereas iOS is not.

      • AndroidBoss

        Nexus 5 is not mid range in specs – in fact, it has high end specs (Better than the S4 and the HTC One). It’s mid range in price, which is an awesome thing.

      • Jeremy Decker

        Dude you are so delusional its not even funny. Saying people only buy Apple products because of a “mystique” or because of the name is the single dumbest thing i have ever heard. People buy Apple products because of quality, ease of use, and customer support. You can say alot of things about Apple but they are not stupid. Samsung has been copying Apple since the original iphone, if you or anyone denies that you’re fucking retarded. Apple should be compensated for that. All Samsung does is copy other peoples great ideas, and now they have to pay. Apple is no bully. Samsung has been paying people to write negative reviews about its rivals. Making their phones score higher in benchmarking apps. FRAUD kind of shit. So go back under your bridge troll, theres enough of you here already.

        • Guest

          yeah, that’s what korean people always do. They always playing dirty.

        • samsungsupporter

          If this were true, then should not Apple go after Windows and Google for making another smartphone OS? also should they not go after Mozilla AND whoever makes Ubuntu as they have entered the smartphone industry, as well as everyone else eho makes smartphones? Based on your logic, that basically means that ALL smartphones are violating patent. By the way, Google aquired Android and I believe immediately asked Samsung to start producing the Nexus about a year before iOS was even a concept.

        • James

          You seem to be forgetting that the name ‘iPhone’ is in no way an original name, and apple used this name without checking trademarks. This was technically fraud, so apple are not the innocent company you seem to think they are.

  • sick of apple

    Samsung should create twosets of devices: one for the world that is interested in inovation and does uphold stupid patents but sensible one, and one for the US that does not conflict with any of the obsurd patents some US companies are commjng up with.

    • Mike Bastable


  • confused

    What patents did Samsung “copy”

    • AndroidBoss

      Where is your question mark

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        He didn’t put it because he doesn’t have license from Apple who apparently invented it.

        • MasterMuffin

          ??????????? ;D

        • TheWay

          Great now you gonna see Samsung Galaxy S? instead of 5

        • On a Clear Day

          Brilliant! LOL

        • AndroidBoss

          Haha, by the way I didn’t include a question mark just to troll.

    • Chris Lutes

      I too am confused? What are apples issues with Samsung? Everyone keeps saying copyrights. ..but to what? I currently have the s4. Its not much different then the htc hd desire I had. Just faster and better with updates. ????

  • Tyrone_83

    If Samsung does loose then I find it stupid because Samsung didn’t start this patent lawsuit in the first place. I bet if Steve Jobs was still alive this would have never happened. Tim Cook a jackass but everybody knows that.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      The lawsuits started in the Jobs era

      • Tyrone_83

        the patent trolls ones that are going on now??

    • Jesus

      Of course he’s a jackass. What can you expect? His name’s Tim Cook.

  • T.J.

    Why would Apple want to reach an agreement with Samsung out of court? They’d be out ~$930 million.

  • payroll

    wow, $930 million, with that sum of money, why companies bother to waste time in court and hire an incompetent lawyer. they can hire a skilled marksman instead xD (duck please, dont kill me)

    • Guest

      Then Samsung accused for homicide, nice, then public won’t buy those cold blooded korean product. the best outcome ever

  • Mike

    There was never going to be an agreement. Unless Samsung said “OK, we’ll give up and just sell fridges”. Apple want nothing less. BTW, the $930M has already been reduced but even at the original level, represents merely 2 weeks profit. However the case pans out, the market has decided, and it isn’t iOS.

  • Tim Reitan

    Apple just Sucks, are people really still buying their stuff?

  • RaptorOO7

    Did anyone actually believe apple WOULD settle out of court, and IF you did you are delusional. They want to keep attacking another hugely successful company, perhaps in the early days you could call Samsung out for following a similar design language but today everyone’s phones look similar in design.

    I wonder why automotive companies don’t sue for the same thing, I mean they all have 4 wheels, a steering wheel, 2,4 or 5 doors and they have seats too. Seriously automotive companies take ideas from each other and they don’t even bat an eye about it. Unless of course you are Infinity (Nissan) suing over the letter “Q” against Audi but they lost on that one.

  • Groud Frank

    You can’t blame Apple. Since they can’t innovate they have to try to restrain the beast from ripping them apart but trying to bankrupt their opponents.

  • Hello
  • Rushan

    Apple’s sceret weapen ‘Lucky Koh’

  • John

    Apple is always harsh in this sort of cases. Quite sad they do these kind of acts for all the patents they have. The galaxy s5 will probably also get some kind of court case because apple has so many patents.

  • Guest

    Don’t care about apple, but GO TO HELL SAMSUNG !!!
    i just hate shitty Korean company

  • dan690

    I hope Samsung doesn’t lower their quality to meet apples. Samsung will never pay the judgement to apple because apple only won by jury tampering.