Samsung and Apple reportedly looking to end their war, patent deal may be in the works

by: Andrew GrushDecember 30, 2013


The Apple-Samsung patent war is a well known conflict in the mobile world, particularly among Apple and Android fans. For the last few years, Apple and Samsung have been duking it out in courts across the globe over various patent-related issues.

Even when major victories have been made, no money seems to exchange hands, and instead both companies are dragged through further appeals and more court drama. For Samsung, Apple and those of us that have watched this drag on — it would be nice if the two companies could come to some kind of arrangement and end all of this for good.

If a deal can’t be worked out? Then the war will continue on into next year, and likely for many more years to come.

That’s exactly what Apple and Samsung are trying to do, at least according to a new report from the Korea Times. Speaking to the publication, a Korea Fair Trade Commission official said that the two companies are currently in the “working-level” stage of coming up with a royalty deal that will end the war, at least for a while.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean that a deal will actually be reached. Just last year, Apple and Samsung attempted to reach an agreement during a 17-hour talk, but neither side could come up with terms that would satisfy both parties. With Apple’s latest victory in the November retrial however, it’s possible that Samsung has decided that a solution needs to be worked out, even if they have to compromise and pay more in royalties than they would like.

The idea is that Samsung hopes to strike a cross-licensing deal with Apple, but only if Apple can adequately lower its asking price. Allegedly Apple is currently asking Samsung to pay more than $30 for every device found to be in violation of Apple patents.

If a deal can’t be worked out? Then the war will continue on into next year, and likely for many more years to come. What do you think, will Samsung and Apple finally be able to settle this conflict or is it far from over?

  • A googler

    No it will take all the fun out of it!

    • telco

      yep ! for ifans and fandroids alike. its like taking christmas out of the calendar

  • Jerren Solomon

    About damn time

  • swedishdonkey

    Wel to tell the truth i am afraid that it wil be the only income for apple win patent wars.
    the realy have to come up with something new if they want to keep up with the android world.

    • telco

      you mean the mobile world matey.
      the mobile world is composed of continents namely iOS, Android, Windows and other several shrinking islands. within these inhabits empires like apple, samsung, htc, sony and other smaller kingdoms.

      iOS is pretty much able to maintain its original teritorry (US of A) though the great android invasion has put a serious crack on their defenses they are still able to hold up against its attack.

  • MasterMuffin

    But the war will fortunately always go on and on in the interwebz!

    • telco

      yep.. if ever sammmy and mac gets to be friends.. their fan will still continue the bickering war

  • apianist16

    Apple and Samsung are both global corporations eager to make a quick buck, and I don’t think they will like what the other has to offer; “Give me $5 per device, and we won’t sue you for X.” Don’t think this will work, but that’s just me.

  • Mike Bastable

    Seems to me that Sasung is closing some outstandings issues so as to secure the profitability of the Android range ( establish cost, definite profit margins etc ) as these lines become less of a focus for them. They see Android as lower cost commodity products…and will move to promote their own new OS as the OS of the future. They will also be examining patents very carefully with Apple to avoid a repeat of the Android debacle, that Google dumped on them. I expect 2014 to see techtonic shifts within the industry…

    • telco

      samsung is already a giant. will be even more so w/out these patent wars. i fear google would be left behind if this goes through.. certain legalities can restrict progress.

      • Mike Bastable

        I agree….Samsung’s recent actions seems to suggest fissures in their relationship with Google. I would suggest that letting Samsung take Global heat for the android platform alone may have been a Google mistake. I think Samsung is prepping a 2 tier approach. Tizen and Android. Their focus seems less intense on Android than in the past. Wewill see.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    I think apple is starting to panic, the worlds largest smartphone maker is dominating sales and manufacturing processors that apple needs. as other manufacturers cannot compete agaisnts Samsung. love live sammy

    • telco

      and sammy is willing to give grounds. its like “ok.. i’ll close my eyes for several second so you can fire your gun.”

      its like giving a handycap

  • fisher

    Oh no! Another company will bow down to Apple ridiculous patent.

    • telco

      giving in does not mean bowing down. its courage to give what will end a conflict. it also mean that samsung is not inferior from apple and giving up positions on patents may sound like “ok.. you can have that we can create a new one anyways” well.. in some context

  • telco

    i really like the picture.. adds more drama.. the clash of two worlds :)

    i don’t know how deep these patent wars is.. in terms of

    b)direct effects on business
    c)moral impacts on both sides
    d)financial impacts
    c) and anything i forgot to include..

    if this war is really deep… deeper than marianas trench…
    there won’t be peace for both parties to come..

    its like

    north and south korea
    china and taiwan
    africans and afrikaanerz

    hell.. America and USSR made peace only when the latter was ruined

  • MattHail

    Hope they settle the case soon and focus on the production haha

  • SimonC

    this would actually be a smart move on Samsung’s part, make the already incredibly popular S series legally even more desirable without being branded a copy. Genius.