As Apple vs Samsung approaches conclusion, Samsung argues Apple’s features are worth cents

by: Andrew GrushApril 22, 2014

Samsung Vs Apple Planets collide patent lawsuit

The latest chapter in the Samsung vs Apple war is winding down, as we enter what may be the last week of the trial before things are handed over to the jury.

As you may already know, the current U.S. patent battle primarily surrounds five patents that Apple says Samsung is guilty of infringing on. Should the jury rule in Apple’s favor, the company is seeking as much as $2.19 billion, but Samsung has now brought forth new testimony suggesting that Apple is asking 57 times more than what the patents are really worth.

The testimony comes from Yale University business school professor Judith Chevalier, who says that she has concluded that the value of the patents in question are worth “pennies”. Furthermore she says that, if the jury finds Samsung guilty of infringement, Samsung should only have to pay about $1.75 per device sold versus the $40 per device Apple is demanding. This would bring the total damages to just $38.4 million.

Samsung suggests Apple is asking 57 times more than what their patents are worth.

So how exactly did Chevalier reach her conclusion on the patent’s values? Citing a study on user purchase behavior, Chevalier noted that more than half of consumers make buying decisions based on reviews from technology websites.

With this in mind, she analyzed 66 professional reviews from 22 “leading media outlets” and scanned for mention of features related to the patents in question. She found that 1.07 percent of all sentences had to do with the patents, namely universal search and slide-to-unlock.

She also then pointed to Apple’s iOS releases for a bit more confirmation that Apple is overvaluing the patents in question. With each new version of the OS, Apple reveals 100 to 200+ new features and usually marks them down as $10 to $25 per device for deferred revenue. Dividing these numbers up led Chevalier to conclude that most of these features have a value of 5 to 25 cents.

Some might say that her math and methods are far from accurate, but it does seem to illustrate the fact that Apple is asking more than fair value for the five patents in question. Whether the jury buys Chevalier and Samsung’s line of thinking remains unseen.

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  • Apple owes much more to android and Cyanogenmod for all the features they used to improve their os.

    • Nathan Borup

      Seriously… All Apple does is take. It never gives back, ever

      • Guest123

        Well, to be a little fair. . . apple did take KHTML and build webkit and that was given back. . . well, OK it had to be given back because it is GPL. . . but there is that lol

    • MasterMuffin

      One of the biggest ones being notification panel and quick settings!

      Also first time seeing you on AA, cool! :)

    • AndroidBoss
      • mumusen

        What app is that in the first pic which gives this notification bar? Just like Samsung’s

        • Guest123

          Don’t know if there is a single app that gives the same notification as the first phone however, I do know LG’s is very close to that.

        • AndroidBoss

          Not sure which one, but there are many similar apps on the Playstore such as Widgetsoid and power toggles.

          • mumusen

            I use power toggles but it didn’t provide that brightness slider like that.. In fact no app provides it. Although it’s a few clicks away in default vanilla android version but adding the slider like in the pic above would be awesome

          • Power Toggles has the option to display that brightness slider. That totally looks like Power Toggles to me.

            Also, all recent TouchWiz iterations have had that feature for years.

  • Brendon Brown

    Samsung infringed the patents, Apple is exaggerating it immensely…

    • Guest123

      Every tech company infringes patents because the patent system is borked. apple has infringed on more patents than anyone when it comes to smartphones — they blatantly refused to license FRAND patents from nearly everyone — Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung just to name the major players — till they were dragged into court, and at least twice they’ve gotten off not having to License Moto or Samsung’s FRAND patents because the courts didn’t like Moto and Sammy using FRAND patents to fight back against craptastic UI patents.

      I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have working GSM/LTE than “slide to unlock” on my smartphone.

      • Brendon Brown

        I never said Apple are good guys, they certainly aren’t, but whether you like it or not they have infringed on patents, even if the system screwed up.

    • Louis

      But then when you consider the fact that apple is using the justice system as a way of being more competitive, they’re just being the classic school yard bully.

  • jusephe

    So why samsung is coping these things if they are so worthless ?

  • Meh..

  • Milton

    Don’t be cheap samesung, just pay

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Just pay because it’s greedy Apple?

      Why pay 50+ times more for some patents when they aren’t worth more than 38 million dollars in total?

      Would you pay 50+ times more for a pizza just because the maker of the pizza found it cool to do that?

      • Milton

        Legally speaking they have to pay, this has nothing to do d with pizzas, no matter how good they can be

        • Travis McEndree

          “Legally” They Don’t. And you are aware that the ‘pizza’ was an example of what apple is doing?

  • Bryan Z

    fanboys on both sides get more emotional about who wins this than Apple and Samsung.

  • Bobby Wright

    Doesn’t matter what sense any lawyers, professors, analysts say in regards to apple patents. Apple will get what they want. They always do.

  • Travis McEndree

    I love how apple is suing samsung, even though apple is trying to bring a pattern unlock to iPhone. Apple can go fuck off, Android FTW~!!

    • Rijoenpial

      That right there will be undeniable proof of USPTO corruption if it gets awarded to Apple! That is a blatant ripoff of Google’s patent and even if it furthers the complexity of it, it STARTS with Google’s patent! So, if it gets awarded, the USPTO will be blatantly breaking the law and should be sued by Google! Cheers

  • Rijoenpial

    And this is how I know Samsung is not in the slightest bit concerned about winning or losing: this is too casual, too childish to be said in a court of law! Samsung attorneys are either dumb (the first trial showed them utterly dumb) or Samsung considers this peanuts compared to what they have already earned from Apple processors, memories, screen purchases from them, and from the profits earned from all Android phones and tablets that supposedly violated those patents… So, either way, Samsung will win regardless, since many people, myself included, believe that any trial in the US opposing a foreign company versus na American one, will ALWAYS favour the American one, and so Samsung already may have predicted it would lose no matter what and so it is not even instructing their lawyers to work hard in their defense! It sure looks like it, seeing this asinine brush off! Cheers

  • Rijoenpial

    Patent trolls like Apple need to be fought by making patent law focus on actual usability of said patents by the patent owner… Namely, all the hundreds of patents that Apple files and is awarded with that never actually are used on any product! They should be given ONE YEAR to implement them on actual, mass-produced products, otherwise they would automatically become FRAND patents! That way, they would be forced to actually apply, create and sell products and patent troll companies like Intellectual Ventures, Rockstar, would be illegalised! The patent law favors patent trolls like Apple and until something is done to actually protect innovation, these shameful practices will increase and get even uglier than they already are right now! Cheers