Samsung pokes more fun at Apple after Australia maps fail

December 12, 2012

    samsung apple maps australia

    The bitter rivalry between warring smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Apple has seen a new battleground drawn up on the shores of Australia.

    Following the recent Apple Maps debacle, which landed a couple in the middle of the wilderness after following incorrect directions, Samsung have taken it upon themselves to set up camp in two Australian cities to let us all know just how great the Navigon software, which comes pre-installed on its Aussie handsets, is.

    In the original story, the two motorists were led over 70km away from their destination into the middle of Murray Sunset National Park by directions given to them by Apple Maps.  Left with a flat tire and without water or food, they were eventually rescued by Victoria Police after being stranded for over five hours.

    For the stunt, Samsung have parked a packed up VW Van at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, and a rather dirty looking Nisson Patrol 4WD in Sydney’s Australia Square, along with a plaque which reads:

    Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get Navigation you can trust

    samsung apple maps australia

    But this isn’t the first time Samsung have tried to goad their rivals with blatantly provocative stunts.  Back in April, Samsung were suspected of orchestrating, or at least being aware of, the “wake up” flashmob on an Apple store, and then there’s the iSheep commercial which was recently voted the best tech ad of 2012.

    What do you think?  Are Samsung being a little immature here, or is it fair game to capitalize on your opponent’s blunders?


    • Robert Leon Felix

      There should be fewer legal wranglings and more fun like this. Technology is fun and the ‘big boys’ have forgotten this.

    • jason ritson

      wasnt it RIM who done the flashmob on the Apple store

    • mastixmc

      The second image is sooo photoshopped! :)

      • Ayman Kouzayha

        the second image is a stand I guess, not real van

    • Dave McDaniel

      Brilliant! More of this, if this is immature, how would you describe crApple’s legal tantrums?

      • Zenon Tigerpaw

        Or Mac vs PC, which got criticized a few times.

    • Balvinder Makkar

      hahaha…samsung never leave a single chance to poke fun at apple.

    • Nathan Berry

      Nissan, not Nisson -_-

    • libtekhed

      Apple’s arrogance and inability to play well with others invites this kind of behaviour. Not to mention the fact that their maps suck..

    • Caymanmikey

      Its Fair Game and it most definitely worth watching…It’s Awesome….Android and Samsung Rocks!!!

    • edine

      LOOLL !! samsunged

    • Paul M Evora

      It’s Apple that’s immature. It can no longer compete so it has to litigate to slow down its rivals.

    • junkieonmars

      haha i love it. more of this please1

    • Irfan Sheriff

      ROCK ON SAMMY…!!!!

    • Werner Salinas


    • gges

      I think it’s all fun and games. And a little bit of advertisement. I mean, the only one who is going to get mad at this are die-hard apple fanboys.

    • Dan

      Google Maps may put you on the wrong side of the street once in a while, but a navigation app that puts peoples lives in danger is just wrong! If this ad can be viewed as immature, then what do you call Apple’s incompetence They have a responsibility to there user base.

      Personally, if this ad is what it takes to get the general public to be aware of the problem, then so be it. Is it fun, yes, but luckily no one got hurt. Shame on you Apple (AGAIN)!

    • flamencoguy

      It is truthful, funny and deserved. Doesn’t Apple do this all the time? Nothing as brash as Apple’s ads.
      Well done!!!
      They deserve egg on their faces sometime.

    • david

      hahaha… iMaps = iLost #Looolllll

    • ayoosilver

      Fair game

    • Kuko

      Samsung does not have any maps, you include google :-)