August 20, 2012
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The Samsung versus Apple trial prepares to reach the jury verdict phase but a settlement is not completely out of the question. Judge Lucy Koh has previously asked Samsung and Apple CEOs to meet one last time in an attempt to reach some kind of a middle-ground before the case hits the jury for deliberation. The two parties already failed twice to reach a common ground in similar settlement discussions.

Now according to an anonymous source, the two sides have since agreed to an on-the-phone arrangement in order to hopefully reach a settlement. The two companies are having this epic conversation today, via the telephone, and plan to have their lawyers report to the U.S. District Judge about the outcome.

For those that haven’t been following the case closely, Koh’s reasons for requesting the two parties to attempt a settlement one last time has to do with just how much is on the line for both companies. Samsung is currently seeking nearly a half billion in royalties from Apple in its countersuit for infringing on Samsung patents, while Apple claims Samsung owes them a little over $2.5 billion in damages and royalties due to lost sales caused by Samsung Galaxy products, which the company deems are too similar to its own iPad and iPhone devices.

What do you think, will the Samsung and Apple execs find middle ground and lay the case to rest? Conversely, if it reaches the jury, which side is more likely to walk away the victor?

Andrew Grush
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