Samsung announces industry’s first 2GB LPDDR3 mobile memory using 30nm-class technology

by: Brendan LynchSeptember 18, 2012

Samsung is already hard at work preparing for the next generation of mobile devices. In fact, Samsung’s new memory chips will bring much faster speeds to all forms of mobile devices.

The company has just started mass-producing the new 2GB LPDDR3 memory chips. These chips will be sporting 30 nanometer class technology, which will make them the first of their kind. What makes these chips so special is the fact that they can transmit data at 1600Mbps per second per pin. This is a huge bump up from the previous chips that were typically clocked at around 1066Mbps. On the whole, the total bandwidth that these guys are going to be pushing out will be around 12.8GB/s. That is about a 50% increase from the previous chips.

What does this mean for future mobile devices? Well, for starters we can expect these chips to be in the next batch of high-end phones from a variety of different manufacturers. In practical use, these phones will be able to load applications into memory much faster, which will equal faster launch times and faster multi-tasking when switching from application to application. The future of Android is a bright one, especially considering all the advancements that are being made towards speed.

Engadget also reports that the South Korean Android device maker has also started mass-producing 128GB mobile flash storage chips.

Are you excited about Samsung’s announcement?

  • This certainly seems interesting!!, looking forward for these additions to take place in next galaxy products. (Galaxy S4 ie) :p

  • 128gb of internal storage wow thats cool especially if it brings the price of existing flash storage chips down. -KID ANDROID