Samsung and Apple pat each other on the back in court

September 8, 2012
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Right now, at the Court of the Hague, Apple and Samsung meet again to fight each other as they have been on almost every continent. The only difference is this time they’re not fighting, they’re congratulating each other to win the court case.

Don’t be confused, though. These two titans aren’t really getting along. What they’re doing is strategically doing what sometimes has to be done in patent infringement claims: claiming the other entity did such a good job copying your invention, you’re suing them. In other words, you have to deliver them with a backhanded compliment.

The current battle is over a European patent entitled ‘Touch event model’ and it deals with how the iPhone deals with accidental presses. Apple’s claim is Android 2.3 and up on Galaxy devices are mere copies of Apple’s innovation. Here are some words from the trenches. Note the blatantly awkward humor involved in this discussion. I guess when you want to dominate the market, you’ll do anything!

Samsung – 

While Apple’s technology is a “very nice invention,” the technique used in Android differs from the iOS solution, argued Bas Berghuis van Woortman, one of Samsung’s lawyers. Because the Android based method is more hierarchical the system is more complex and therefore harder for developers to use, he said. 

Apple -

Apple entirely disagrees. “They suggest that they have a lesser solution, but that is simply not true,” said Apple’s lawyer Theo Blomme to judge Peter Blok, who presided over a team of three judges, in a response to Samsung’s claim. The technique used in Android does solve a multiple input “conflict situation” and in that way the Android software essentially does the same as Apple’s, he said.



  • Steven Michael Nobles

    I dont get it.

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      No one gets it other than apple….lol

      • Sondre Krumsvik

        And the thousands of iSheep.

        • Michael

          No they don’t get it either. The millions of iSheep don’t know anything about tech. If they did they would have an Android fitted phone.

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