Samsung about to break previous profit records

by: nathanSeptember 10, 2012

Samsung profits, Apple

The graphic shown may be a year old, but it clearly documents Samsung’s rise to market dominance. It also shows HTC’s former glory days, but that’s a different topic. A year later, the South Korean company has done everything except create an Android kitchen sink and its profits reflect that productivity: Q4 aims to be in the neighborhood of $6.2B.

Driven by 20 million sales, a mere 100 days after launch, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the primary reason these revenue numbers look so good. Just a year ago, the company was taking a big bet on the original Galaxy Note, and lucky for them, it worked out. the original Note hit just half of what the S3 has, at 10 million sales. But nothing has been as successful as the flagship phone.

On that Note (pardon the pun!), the second gen phablet has seen an increasing amount of competition from the likes of the Nexus 7 and rumors of a mini iPad. Samsung still thinks its bottom line will rocket forward because of the small tablet device, just unveiled at IFA 2012 in Berlin.  The aforementioned competition, in no small part, is what Samsung is counting on to drive epic sales numbers on the 2nd gen Note. Confidence comes easy when you’re king of the hill.

I know most of you are wondering if the recent verdict against Samsung will hamper their growth and the bad news is: probably. The mere amount of $1.2B is nothing in light of a record-smashing $6.2B, just up from $5.9 in July. However, if an appeal fails to satisfy a judge and jury, Samsung could be facing a huge obstacle in one of its premiere markets. Only Q3 earnings post in October will show if there has been any “negative public image” effect on sales. Until then, it’s full steam ahead for the company, both with sales, and with due diligence in maintaining their strong American market presence.

  • If you read all the comments Vel Hogan has made (the jury foreman in the apple vs samsung case) he’s made so many comments that will be a good starting point for an appeal for samsung. I’m very sure the apple vs samsung case has not seen the end of daylight. There’s going to be an appeal and I bet it’ll go to the supreme court. There’s enough evidence that it should, in an ideal world it’ll also bring to light the terrible problems that we have with both copyright law and patent law.

  • Rath Mam

    Samsung profit is not even half of Apple profit.

  • HellG

    i hope that samsung die-hard fanboys know that samsung wouldn’t have became anything without android
    inb4anyonesayhtcfanboy i have a Galaxy S3 but i have fanboys if they are apple fanboy or samsung fanboys, stop getting attached to a company that only want profit get what is best for you not the “next big thing” from that company

    • Cole Raney

      What does HTC have to do with anything you posted?

      • HellG

        have you ever tried to criticize a samsung phone? the first thing you will get will be (you an apple fanboy/ HTC fanboy)