Samsung’s 9,000mAh battery pack caught in pictures and video

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 20, 2012

It is too much to ask for a phone battery that can last for a day – and then some more? We’re talking about a truly mobile experience where one doesn’t have to switch to 2G, dial the brightness all the way down, disable haptic feedback, and rely on other power-saving methods just to get a couple more minutes of screen time. We long for a phone that lets us turn the 4G LTE or 3G network on and consume all those HD videos YouTube has to offer without getting paranoid and checking the battery stats every 10 minutes.

But alas, although progress has been made on the battery front, current technology just can’t keep up with power-hungry CPU, screen, and other things that make a phone smart. Motorola was pretty close with its Razr Maxx phones and 3,300mAh battery. Then there’s the Galaxy S3, which packs a respectable 2,100mAh battery. These are still far from the ideal state that some smartphone owners dream about, though.

For people who are constantly on the go, carrying a portable power pack helps remove the need to frantically look for a power outlet when out and about. If you’ve been looking for a Samsung-branded external power pack, here’s one that packs a lot of it – 9,000mAh to be exact.

Weighing in at 189 grams, the Samsung external battery pack isn’t exactly light as a feather – but it’s pretty compact overall. On top of the device, you’ll find four LED status indicators, while one regular USB port, one microUSB port and the power button are placed on the sides.

We know it’s not exactly hard finding an external battery pack in the market, but most non-branded models don’t always pack exactly what their boxes advertised. Using an official external battery pack also provides a better peace of mind. If this one catches your fancy, you’ll have to wait for Samsung to reveal more details, such as its availability and price. We’ll keep you posted.

Does this sound like a necessary gadget companion to have around?

  • Victor

    I’ll defnitelly buy one for my GS3 D:

  • hoggleboggle

    have they released an extended battery for the S3 like they did for the S2? I baught this 2000mAh extended battery for my S2 and it certainly makes a difference.

    • MasterMuffin

      I bought it too, it’s so much better with it :) and there’s a 2200mAh extra battery for sgs3, so almost no difference to the 2100mAh found in the sgs3…

  • Why is he Pause while talking?

  • manufacturers should take a hint from motorola and put huge 3000mAh+ batteries

  • bryce

    their is a 7000mah extended battery pack for the gs3

  • David Smith

    Lol,appreciated to your professional review about samsung batter pack,that’s a high-tech item!
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