Samsung’s new memory chip opens the way for phones with 4GB of RAM in 2014

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 30, 2013

samsung 8gb ram memory chip

Samsung, one of the world’s top manufacturers of memory chips, announced today the development of the industry’s first 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM chip. The new chip is denser, faster, and more energy efficient than current products. 

SK Hynix was the first memory maker to announce an 8Gb chip in June, but that used LPDDR3 technology, while Samsung’s chip uses the faster LPDDR4.

Samsung’s new memory chip is built on a 20-nm class process, allowing the manufacturer to reach a capacity of 1GB of RAM on a single die (8Gb = 1GB). By combining four such chips, device makers will be able to equip their products with 4GB of RAM in the near future.

The target products for the new chip are future high-end smartphone, tablets, and notebooks featuring high-density displays. WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) smartphones are expected to arrive in stores in the first part of the year, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S5 flagship. As touchscreen devices move beyond Full HD, more memory will be needed to accommodate larger files, but that’s not the only advantage of having more RAM on a mobile device. Phones and tablets with more RAM can run smoothly more apps simultaneously and cache more system files, which increases operation speeds and reduces battery consumption.

50 percent faster, 40 percent more efficient

Thanks to the smaller size of the circuitry and the use of LPDDR4 technology, the chip is also faster and consumes less energy than LPDDR3 chips. Samsung claims the new memory provides an impressive “50 percent higher performance” than the fastest LPDDR3 or DDR3 chips out there, while energy consumption is reduced by approximately 40 percent, to 1.1 volts. The data transfer speed per pin is 3,200 Mbps, double the speed of LPDDR3 chips that are now in production.

The new chip will make it to products in 2014, said Samsung. Currently, a handful of devices from Samsung, including the Galaxy Note 3, feature 3GB of RAM, but, with the expected transition to 64-bit architecture in 2014, the demand for large capacity memory modules can only increase.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 feature 4GB of RAM? It’s hard to say for now, though there is an unconfirmed report in Korean media that seems to suggest so. To us, it seems more likely at this point that the GS5 will come with “just” 3GB of RAM, but we’ll find out soon enough – the new flagship could be made official in less than three months.

  • Bishop

    Good explanation! It would be great if the Galaxy S5 would offer 4GB ram. The question I have is, in order to use the 4 GB ram, the Galaxy S5 would have to use the 64-bit Exynos chip right? It couldn’t use all that ram with the Snapdragon 800/805? …. So this would mean that either Samsung can put the Exynos chip in all the Galaxy S5’s, or the international version will offer the 4 GB ram while the U.S. version will offer the 3 GB ram Snapdragon version, or will all this be left for the Note 4?

    With all the increased specs of the Galaxy S5, I would assume Samsung would like to bring this tech and marketing to the S5. I’m just wondering if there is anyway they could use the 4GB ram with the Snapdragon 800/805.

    • Shark Bait

      Doesn’t need 64 bit no, however I’m prepared to bet the S5 will be 64 bit !

      • Bishop

        Thanks. I thought that the cpu had to be 64-bit in order to access the 4 GB ram. Maybe they have a work around if they use the Snapdragon 800/805 and include a 4GB ram. Thanks for the clarification. Then it will make it more likely that the S5 could have this 4GB ram.

        • Shark Bait

          No 32 bits can address upto 4gb of ram ( actually it can access lots more ram but its a bit of a Dirty hack )

          • Bishop

            Oh I see, thanks.

  • najiy91

    Bishop-honestly i hate different variants for the same model.stick to one.example.note 3 only octa core.s5 only 4gb ram octa other variants.

    • Bishop

      I agree with you. I’m not a fan of different variants either for the same exact phone. I hope that the Galaxy S5 offers one version unlike previous models.

    • Shark Bait

      It all to do with network comparability, however now modems can cope with many LTE bands SK it shouldn’t be a problem now

      • NeedName

        this is true however, we see google putting out a Nexus that can handle different carriers. Most companies put out devices specific to each carrier in the US, and that really sucks.

        • Shark Bait

          In the UK they don’t. Here we only use GSM networks, where as in the USA you use GSM and CDMA which are different standards and makes compatability more difficult

  • Mali

    Much to what I wonder… Is if 4G ram.. Does that mean more bloatware… Because it seems to be the case on my note 3.. I’m consistently having to use a ram clean app about 20 times a day because I’m hitting 1.97 ram usage.. Also is it gonna be actually 4gb ram.. Or 3.4? As like the note 3 Is only 2.44… I sure as hell am waiting for the note 4 before I buy in… Probably won’t.. Because Fuck the knox app.. This is my first phone not rooted… And I hate it with a passion.. Love the phone. HAte the unnecessary bloatware

    • Jayfeather787

      That’s the thing with the Note 3. Has the best specs of any phone to date, yet touchwiz is so heavy that is uses up more RAM than the Nexus 5, which has only 2 GB. My friend’s nexus 5 always has 1.3 GB of RAM free.

  • AndroidBoss

    Will this make the operating system smoother and make loading apps faster? I hope so.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    now about the battery…

    • unown

      most manufacturer tend to forget about that…

      • telco

        i wonder if they can come up w/ a self charging battery.. like the dynamo on old bikes.. you get to store power when you pedal..

        if they can think how to recharge phone whenever we tap the screen and type… that would be awesome.

        any quantum physicist out there?

  • cee

    …and a year later…
    No 4gb phone, no 4gb tablet, nothing.

    Planned specs for up-coming devices, between 1 & 2gb of ram. Looks like a lot of haemorRoiders need some humble pie?

    4gb in a phone is the marketing ploy, not 64-bit processors.