Samsung will go bigger, unveil a 5.9-inch phone this year

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 6, 2013

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According to the Korean media, Samsung will launch a new 5.9-inch phone in the second half of the year. But is this the Note 3 or a brand new device?

Many have bemoaned the ever increasing size of smartphones, but, while it’s certainly a matter of taste, users have voted with their wallets, ensuring that the “phablet” is here to stay.

The age of supersized phones is upon us. Samsung sold over 10 million Note 2’s since the 5.5-inch device was launched in September. To capitalize on the popularity of the new category, other manufacturers have thrown their own, even larger, phones into the fray. Huawei and ZTE especially have the potential to disrupt Samsung, and the Koreans know that, which is why they will release an even larger, 5.9-inch device in 2013.

According to the Korea Times, the phone will feature Samsung’s much-touted Exynos 5 Octa processor. The display will be of the AMOLED variety, but it won’t be based on a flexible substrate, because Samsung Display is having trouble meeting the demand. I am not sure whether this means that Samsung is already churning out flexible displays for another handset, or if the company is simply not yet capable to produce enough panels for the new phone.

The Korea Times says that the phone will come in the latter part of the year. The report originates from a Samsung executive who wanted to remain anonymous. It’s not clear to me if the new 5.9-inch device is the Galaxy Note 3, or if Samsung wants to diversify even further its Note series with a brand new phone. Earlier rumors claimed that the Note 3 will come with a huge 6.3-inch screen, but it could swing both ways.

What we do know is that Samsung is betting big on the phablet market, with the Note series being one of the growth factors that will allow the Koreans to stay ahead of Apple in 2013. You better get used to big phones.

  • Justin

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • MasterMuffin

    Could they make it so that the Note’s size wouldn’t get bigger (is it possible to fit it inside the current Note?)

    • Jason Bailey

      In a word no. The vertical size could possibly stay the same if they got rid of the physical buttons but the horizontal size would definitely need to increase. And if I’m honest I can’t see Samsung abandoning physical buttons either, So it would expand in both directions. We should get a better indication of the design direction the company is going after the S4 launch.

      • MasterMuffin

        UNDER 8 DAYS!

    • Dave Weinstein

      Possibly, the new crop of 5″ IGZO based 1080p screens have smaller bezels, and these devices are tiny compared to the original 5″ Dell Streak.

      Sharp demonstrated a 6.1″ 2560×1600 IGZO display at CES 2013, so It would be quite possible to squeeze a larger display into a device that is smaller than expected.

      What’s completely clear is that we shouldn’t expect to see a linear increase in the total size based upon increasing the screen size.

      • MasterMuffin

        PPI 495 o.O

  • Mark_CZ

    Don’t blame Samsung, blame the market for buying the supersized phones! Samsung are just meeting the market requirements.

    • Jason Bailey

      Absolutely! We all vote with our $.

    • Dave Weinstein

      Blame? Why do other peoples choices effect you at all? Why must you try to force your will on others?

      • Vivghkl

        Edit: Misread

        • Dave Weinstein


  • Jason Lynch

    I have big pockets, somewhat large hands, and not-so-great eyesight. I’ll take one.

    Hell… if my Nexus 10 had it’s own LTE chip, I’d probably just carry that. It just barely fits in my pockets though, and it’s not really comfortable to do so. :-P

  • Roberto Tomás

    looking like 2014 is going to be the earliest to see a Youm display. :(

  • Jason

    I think it’s awesome, not everyone wants a little phone, some want a bigger screen they can do more on. Matter of opinion

  • Abdullah Naji

    Note 3!

  • Emma


    • Vivghkl

      Is your Avatar and the mismatched name, tell me about it.

      • Emma

        seriously, whats wrong with my avatar? Really curious

  • wonshikee

    Summary of some of the posts:
    I think the phone is too big for me, therefore no one else should get it.

  • kamiller42

    I have and love my Note 2. I’m a big guy, 6′, and I think Note 2’s size is the upper bound. UNLESS, they can increase display size without increasing physical size with an all edges to all edges display.

  • Samsung Note 2’S’!!!
    If Samsung has to pay Apple, let it be for something like this – like copy their ‘S’

  • Lara

    Note 4 will get the 6.3″ or whatever size screen, isn’t it obvious? Note 3 is probably gonna be 5.7″-5.9″ big. Mark my words. Samsung are becoming crapple, you’re too much of a sheep if you can’t see that.