Samsung scores a hat-trick at the 2013 GMAs, Nexus 7 wins best tablet

by: AdrianFebruary 27, 2013


This year’s MWC might have brought a pitiful number of exciting new devices, but at least the Global Mobile Awards should put some smiles on the faces of Android aficionados.

The GMAs honor the best of the best in mobile technology for 18 years already and they’re on their way to becoming the most prestigious tech award ceremony. Or, in other words, they’re like the Oscars of gadgets.

But unlike the 2013 Academy Awards in movies, where the spotlight split between Argo and Life of Pi, the latest GMAs saw one “player” steal almost the entire show – Samsung. The Koreans scored three major wins, courtesy of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Camera, as well as two more minor trophies for LTE advancements.

The GS3 was named best smartphone by the GSM Association judges, while the G Camera snatched the title of best mobile enabled consumer electronics device. The hat-trick was completed with the most precious trophy of them all, for device manufacturer of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Logo aa - 600px

Meanwhile, Asus and Google’s Nexus 7 won one of the most heated battles, taking the best mobile tablet title away from a competition which included Apple’s iPad Mini and iPad with Retina display, the Asus Transformer Infinity, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1.

Nokia walked away from Barcelona with one crown of its own – the best feature or entry level phone title for the Asha 305. As for Apple, not to be snarky or anything, but they got what they deserved – absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch.

And that’s despite being nominated three times, including for best smartphone. You wanted a thermonuclear war against Android, Apple? You got it, but guess what, you’re losing!

Moving on from gadgets for a second, let’s see what apps were honored by the GSMA. The list starts quite surprisingly, with Waze, who knocked down Dropbox and Flipboard to be crowned “best overall mobile app”.

Facebook got the upper hand against Instagram, Temple Run, YouTube and Twitter in the “mobile app for consumers” category, while Evernote won the coveted title of “best mobile app for enterprise” over Dropbox and Google Drive.

A number of other awards were handed out by the GSMA, including the Green Mobile distinction, the outstanding LTE contribution prize or the “Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations” accolade. The entire list of winners can be consulted here, while the names of all nominees are available at this link.

Before heading out though, tell us your thoughts on Samsung’s hat-trick, Asus and Google’s tablet win and Apple’s snubs. Do you agree with all those choices? Is Sammy unstoppable? Will we get invited to Apple’s funeral soon?

  • LOL at Apple’s funeral! Will they go back to animations?

  • I liked the way you described Apple’s incompetence, Nothing. Nada. Zilch. :D

  • aholsteinson

    “Will we get invited to Apple’s funeral soon?”

    Apple’s funeral? Hardly. That Apple didn’t win this award doesn’t really means anything when their mobile devices are selling incredibly well and they are making record breaking profits per quarter.

    • MasterMuffin

      But their stock has dropper from $700+ to under 450 dollars and that’s much, which means that people don’t trust Apple anymore so much as they used to (Apple was once a god, now just a mere mortal!). Competition is getting tougher and competition is selling more, no innovation and there are so many people that hate Apple from their heart that I can’t even count (and more coming everyday). Enemies have seen the weakness of the once mighty one and now they’re coming for blood and only time will tell when The Fruit falls!!

      • Wow dude, that last bit read like the script from Darksiders 3 or God of War or something!

        • MasterMuffin

          :D I tried to make it sound dramatic, couldn’t make it as much as I wanted but glad you liked it :DD

      • Jared

        When has Google or Samsung or HTC ever innovated? They haven’t innovated shit! Their stock price falling is merely stock manipulation because dumb analysts expect it to continue growing until it dominates the entire technology sector…wait it is in fact Apple’s profits in its lowest quarter out did Google’s all fucking year! LOL (you aren’t but I am) Also, Apple wins awards from much more reliable companies (JD Power to name one) these award scams are merely dealings under the table I mean how the hell did Nokia get an award or the Nexus 7 out do the iPad with Retina Display? The GMAs have always been full of Android drones who can’t climb out of their hole. The GMAs and the Oscars are identical-they are both lies!

        • MasterMuffin

          Keep telling that to yourself, maybe someday it will be true! :P

          • Jared

            Unfortunately for you it already is true! :)

          • MasterMuffin

            Unfortunately for ME? How is it unfortunately for me?? :)

          • Jared

            It is unfortunate for you because your little brain is being twisted by fanboyism trying to make you believe that Apple is lost when it is in fact the most valuable company, the most innovative company, the most admired company, I could honestly go on an on. And to say, “Competition is getting tougher and competition is selling more, no innovation and there are so many people that hate Apple from their heart that I can’t even count (and more coming everyday). Enemies have seen the weakness of the once mighty one and now they’re coming for blood and only time will tell when The Fruit falls!!”(LOL @ your dramatics) is nothing but utter bullshit!

          • MasterMuffin

            Okay calm down? If you’re talking about fanboyism, you can look in the mirror! Most innovative and admired company? Where do you live, in 2007? To tell you the truth, I thought we could discuss normally, put then you had to go full retard and take the “say something bad about the other, it will make you feel better” card…

  • TJ Evans

    Great news for Samsung, Android and Evernote …

    Unrelated note: Why does Android Authority have a Like button anda Tweet link, but no + button? Also, have you thought about getting yourself IPv6 enabled? (Please)

  • Mike Bastable

    Another silly and snarky article by this silly blogger. I call him blogger because a journalist takes considered positions and would never resort to silly name calling and Apple baiting like Adrian.
    Please start your own blog and go away from AA, you seriously lower the tone of what, with your continued contributions, is becoming less and less of an Authority on anything.

    • the_one

      so what? this website is Eat Sleep Android, if you don’t like it get the fuck of, this is Android world

      • Mike Bastable

        I love Android BUT I want proper articles not fanboy verbal wanking. Really even AA should be editorial and of course opinionated but never snarky and silly, as Adrian often is. I post my opinion under my name not some nickname ( the One what?) please refrain from asking people to fuck off in a discussion forum. Thanks.

        • vegiisan

          This article seemed fine to me, didn’t seem over the top fan boy, it stated facts and added a small Android zing. Me thinks you need to calm down.

          • Mike Bastable

            V calm mate BUT there is a tone creeping onto this once essential site of unabashed Apple bashing, fronted by Adrian. What was a source of news info and informed opinion is changing to a snide mean spirited site. I love Android, i love iOS. I love to read tech blogs. Howevrr when the articles contents begin to mirror the silly remarks made often in the comments section i will point it out. It reduces the credebility of the actual journalists working for AA. Readers like The One dont want articles they want Android porn and Apple hate….and i dont get it at all. Both Google and Apple have changed our lives with great tech and both deserve support.
            Remaining very calm, as usual, i think we should spend time talking of the winners here and not Apple bashing.
            AA should be what its name states….an Authority.
            Or it should change it’s name to Android fanatics.

          • Adrian Diaconescu

            “there is a tone creeping onto this once essential site of unabashed Apple bashing, fronted by Adrian” You, sir, made my day! I actually think that was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me:)

    • Topcat488

      If you don’t want to see or hear any Apple bashing here, maybe you’re at the wrong site… I own an iphone 4 and the Note, and really love my iphone because of the number of Apps it can hold in its internal storage. But it’s only a glorified Apps launcher… It’s a reason why Samsung won again as the best smartphone… Yes this is AA, and we are Android Soldiers, bashing Apple is what we do…

      Apple makes 1 phone a year, and can barely get it right… After iphone 4 crApple sat on their hands… Fu#k Apple.

  • Apple hasn’t innovated in 3 years.. thats exactly why they aren’t winning an gadget awards and their market share (and stock prices) keep declining.

  • Awesome for the Nexus 7. It has been my introduction to the wonderful world of Android and I am happy to see it continue gaining cclaim. Thinking about ditching my iPhone when my contract is up and seeing what Samsung has to offer.