Samsung could beat Apple to market with a high-res 12.2-inch SM-P905 tablet

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy smartpad

Remember that intriguing 2560 x 1600 tablet from Samsung we’ve reported on a couple of weeks back? Some new information that came our way suggests that the device may be Samsung’s first 10-inch+ tablet.

According to a database that keeps track of goods trafficked on India’s airports, Samsung is currently testing a tablet codenamed SM-P905 that sports a massive 12.2-inch display. That’s the only info we get from the listing, aside the semi-obvious presence of cellular connectivity.

SM P905 - KOREA,REPUBLIC OF - Export, Import, Price Data and HS Code 32 000522

The SM-P905 designation looks suspiciously similar to the codename of the 2560 x 1600 tablet I’ve mentioned above, which is SM-P900. Could the two designations refer to variants of the same device? It sure looks like it, knowing Samsung longtime conventions.

An older report from South Korea claimed that this 12-inch tablet would be a member of the Note family (or at least feature an S Pen) and would come in the second half of 2013. We’ll have to wait for more confirmation on that info for now.

So, what does Apple has to do with this story? Coincidentally, the WSJ just reported that Apple is asking suppliers for a display that is just under 13-inch across. That alone means nothing – Apple, like other manufacturers, is known to constantly test out new prototypes and products. However, WSJ’s report confirms some earlier gossip about an iPad Maxi (yes, silly name), meaning that there may be some truth to it.

Are Samsung and Apple both working on 12+-inch tablets? Stranger things have happened. It isn’t crazy to think that Samsung may be trying to outdo Apple and come with a large tablet first.

Regardless of whoever wins this race, the outcome will be another blow to the struggling PC industry. A 12-inch tablet should easily replace the laptop for many, many users.

  • Cl3v3rNaMe

    didn’t samsung already beat apple to that with the ativ q in some way?

    • kascollet

      The Ativ Q is a Windows PC mate…

      • Bone

        Also an Android tablet mate.

        • kascollet

          No. You only get an Android virtual machine inside the W8 environnement, with a fraction of the power… and no apps as usual. Nobody will use this feature except nerds.

          • Bone

            It features a fully functional Android system, therefore it’s an Android tablet among many things. Quit being smart.

          • kascollet

            Why the hell would anyone launch this Android virtual machine ? What for ? There’s a full desktop class OS already running, with whatever browser you like to run, or any program you like. The Android function in the Ativ Q is a gimmick at best.

          • Abdullah

            oh, so now android is a gimmick ? what’s next ? smartphones are gimmick ? the Ativ Q is the best tablet out there hands down…

          • kascollet

            You didn’t get my point.
            I mean no one will find the use for the Android VM and thus, this functionality is a gimmick. Android makes plenty sense on smartphones but sadly, is lagging far behind in tablets, especially high end ones. Man, this Ativ has a FULL desktop OS, without the limitations of ARM-based slates with iOS or Android. That’s why my first comment was to draw attention on the fact that this Ativ is 95% a Windows PC, and maybe 5% an Android device… for some… maybe…

          • Jorj_X_McKie

            I can envision quite a few uses for the Android side of the ATIVQ. For instance, Google+ behaves much better in Android than it does under Win8. Folks might want to use Instagram or other apps like they are accustomed to, rather than via a browser (or not at all). If the Android implementation behaves well, I think people might use it.

  • Nathan Borup

    I wish manufacturers would work to make producing larger displays at higher resolution cheaper… would love to have a 27 in 1440p display for $200-$400 rather than a 10in tablet with that resolution

    • Russ Mullins

      I can get on-board with that Nathan, although I confess I’m excited about this tablet (I’m waiting for the next round of 10″ or larger Androids before replacing my current 7″ Nook Tablet). I also think a breakthrough in battery technology would be awesome, but that’s another topic altogether.

  • Jason

    Comes in cheap feel plastic.

    • Mystery Man

      Hey what kind of car do you drive? Unless you say a 196X then I am going to respond with it has a bunch of cheap plastic everywhere. Engine bay. Interior. Splash guards. Bumpers, etc.

      • Bogdan-Alexandru Cristian

        he probably drives a full glass car (or a tank rather, considering how heavy durable thick glass tends to be) with silver bumpers (like a bumper car) similar to an iphone 4S… his insurance costs are 10 to 15 times bigger than the average car driver that has polycarbonate plastic inside … but at least he feels cool and hipstery as fuck

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    12.2″ wow, that’s big!

    • Dexter

      That’s what she said

  • kascollet

    Mmmmh… blow-up phone apps on a 12 inches screen… great !

  • rabidhunter

    As if the iPad weren’t a bad enough name already, naming it the Maxie? Instant joke machine right there.

  • freedomspopular

    Didn’t the Galaxy Note 3 also have an SM designation?

  • Fievel

    Make a 12″ Nexus and take my money!!!

  • Bruce Patrick

    It would be wonderful to have a 12″ tab I am a musician and while my current 10.2″ tab 2 is good a tablet with a screan size of around 12 ” would almost spell the end of the laptop for me I am still converting all my my sheet music to digital but it is so much more convenient than carting around many kilframs of sheet musc to rehearsals and to performances

  • SamsaraGuru

    It certainly would be nice to be able to slip a 12 inch tablet into one’s briefcase and then off we go to work able to do presentations at the drop of a hat that were easily – more or less – viewable by three or four people at a time.

    I wonder how much it will weigh? What the final overall dimensions will be? I’d get one – it would be great sales tool.

    However, I would not look upon it as a serious, viable substitute for a PC – try working in Photoshop on a 1 GB image in layers on a tablet? Or doing serious writing, serious corresponding, etc., etc. Nope, I don’t think so!

    • Bogdan-Alexandru Cristian

      they replaced netbooks so far and will replace laptops as soon as these 12″ tablets will arrive.. i for one am sick of carrying my laptop back and forth to the bedroom…. i’d rather carry a nice big tablet that can keep me entartained and run hd videos.. because they are, for the mass market, entartainment products, few will use them as dev tools and fewer to actually work on this device…
      also, serious corresponding is doable, i use my tablet while under work hours to communicate via all my email accounts for all clients.. it’s also refreshing to take my eyes out of the computer from time to time and use the digital keyboard due to the nice large letters, besides, I can actually use speech recognition to simply talk to my tablet and just reading the e-mail at the end to make sure there aren’t any errors due to my slightly east-european accent

  • brontomaniac069

    Power it with a Snapdrag 600 or 800

  • Bullydogger

    This is the Tablet I am waiting for…

  • xoj_21