Sources say Samsung will show off a 4.99 inch 1080p AMOLED screen at CES 2013

by: ŠtefanNovember 16, 2012

It’s hard to believe, but the Consumer Electronics Show is less than two months away. For those unfamiliar with CES, it’s basically the Superbowl or World Cup of trade shows. Anything and everything that runs on electricity will be at this event. As a journalist, you’re not expected to sleep for 72 hours, because if you do you’re going to miss something.

Enough insider baseball though, let’s get to today’s news: According to the Korean website Asiae, Samsung is going to show off a 4.99 inch AMOLED panel that pushes 1920 x 1280 pixels at this upcoming CES. They also say that this screen will be inside the Galaxy S IV, but they don’t have any information about when it’s going to hit the market.

Is it weird that Samsung is first going to show off a screen, and then several months later announce a smartphone that uses said screen? Not really. This is actually a fairly common practice. Back in October 2011, Samsung demoed a 10.1 inch 2560 x 1600 pixel LCD. When did we finally see it inside an actual product? Earlier this month with the Nexus 10.

Why is Samsung going 1080p just one year after introducing the 720p Galaxy S III? Easy, because that’s what everyone else is doing. HTC’s 1080p smartphone is going to hit the market in a week. Sony is expected to launch a 1080p smartphone in January. Hell, even ZTE is rumored to be releasing a “high end” 1080p device at some point in 2013. In this industry, if you don’t keep up, you’re toast.

But seriously, can human eyes tell the difference between 720p displays and 1080p displays? The folks at Gizmodo tried to answer this very question, and their conclusion is that it depends. Some people can’t tell that they’re looking at a sharper display, some people can.

  • It seem we are moving towards 5″screens as a new standard for 2013 higher end devices, which is kinda awkward. How I’m supposed to handle such a big device? I had the GNEX which is a nice device, but with its 4,65″ it wasn’t always a joy to use, especially not when you were on the go. And now they want to sell me a 5″device just because of their inability to produce smaller 1080p screens? Thanks, but no thanks. Instead of making bigger displays to fit those crazy amount of pixels which will drain way more battery life, they should focus on developing user friendly devices, which I can easily carry in my pockets, use it with just one hand and most importantly which will last at least a full work day on a single charge.

    • Maybe you should grow to real man size lol. I can handle my 5.5″ Galaxy Note 2 with one hand just fine. Most guys can, stop complaining Lil man. It fits in my pockets just fine also, instead of complaining about the phone size maybe you should stop wearing stupid skinny jeans lol. My Galaxy Note 2 gets 10-11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3 / 4 power and 2 days with moderate use also. It’s not their inability to make great small screens just more ppl are realizing how great a 5″+ device is for surfing the Web, reading books, and watching videos & playing games, which you can do much better since your fingers arnt taking up half the screen. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

      • Good for you Goliath.

      • arcwindz

        Mehh… galaxy note 2 is being called phablet for a reason. It’s an awesome device, but the size is not for everyone.
        I agree with Zymo that at least I want a smaller device with flagship specs instead of a 5 inch device (unless they can minimize the bezel). And believe me that i am a big man.

      • On a Clear Day

        Did you know that it is possible to say something, make a cogent point and all at the same time be nice and not nasty and sarcastic? Well, maybe you should write this down – and/or grow up yourself – it is.

        What Samsung is offering are options; some people will find an option beneficial and love it; others will find it doesn’t serve their purposes and won’t. Your approach belies an antagonistic attitude of if you don’t like what I like your must be an idiot.

        These forums offer us an opportunity to share ideas; possibly come up with some good suggestions for new features that would be nice to see.

        I personally like the idea of a larger screen, but there does come a point where the physical reality of a large sized device becomes difficult to justify – I like a belt “holster”, which facilitates and helps me handle a larger phone, but many people don’t.

        What I’d REALLY love to see, is for all the manufacturers to do some real work on the voice quality of their phones and build in a feature like HD Voice – see link:

        In the meantime, I think it would behoove all of us who participate in these forums to give pause to reflect before dipping our digital pens in our pots of digital ink.

      • leoingle

        i’m with ya bro. tired of all these girly hand guys crying and bitching constantly. go get you an iphone if you cant handle the new android phones.

  • I say Release the SIV in the summer, if not fall. Its still Selling in crazy numbers. Especially when 4 out of 5 best selling weeks was after iphone 5 announcement. Late adopters would be upset. I got mine on launch, and id usually say fuckem, but its still a best seller, so why replace it so soon?

    AND DONT MAKE THE SCREEN BIGGER. I love 4.8, but i feeeeel like 4.65 is a sweetspot.

  • Netz Hog

    I could image 5″ screens becoming a standard.
    Bluntly dismissing 5″ screens as being too big is a mistake I believe because the device size doesn’t necessarily grow proportionally with increasing screen dimensions.
    I don’t think the higher resolution is going to hurt anyone either. It could indeed open new possibilities.