Leaked screenshots of S Health update surface, reportedly coming to the GS5

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 3, 2014


Last week we learned of a newly leaked Samsung app by the name of Life Times, reportedly one of the upcoming KitKat-inspired apps for the Galaxy S5. The very next day two more updated apps showed up in screenshots with a similar flat, KitKat-esque design, Samsung WatchON and Samsung S-Voice.

Now we can add one more updated app to the list this, thanks to newly leaked screenshots of the next version of S Health. Just as before, S Health allows you to track your calorie intake, step count and heart rate. While there are a few changes in the core functionality, it looks like this update is mostly a cosmetic one, designed to bring the app’s look in-line with the other updated Samsung Galaxy S5 apps.

Like other upcoming apps, the S Health app seems to better follow Android design guidelines this time around. For example, S Health now has overflow action menus and slide-out menu bars that seem a lot less “TouchWiz-esque” than we’ve seen in the past.


All of these app leaks point to one thing: a major UI change is coming. From what we’ve seen so far, it also appears that Samsung’s next UI may end up having a bit more in common with ‘pure’ Android than with Touchwiz, further hinting at the rumored pact between Samsung and Google.

What do you think of the newly redesigned apps, like them or not? Do you feel that Samsung should scrap many of these custom apps altogether, or do you think it’s still necessary for Samsung to have its own arsenal of “value added” apps for the Galaxy S5 and other future devices?

  • What we really want is, Samsung brings New UI/Features on OLDER Device too… The biggest question is “Why Samsung only give New Features and UI on Latest device..”

    And when S5 out… Samsung will forgot that they have many S4 and S3 users… and this is not good :|

    • joser116

      How do you know what’s gonna happen?

    • DanteR

      Because they want you to buy their new devices.

      The name of the game is business.

  • MasterMuffin

    Me see holo. Me like.

    But seriously, TW getting holofied is really good news and a really welcome change! They should also modify the settings app!

  • vgergo

    It will still be a 65MB behemoth, crawling like a sloth even with 4 cores of 2.4GHz and 3GB RAM. I thought Samsung promised Google they will stop making software to ruin Android’s image.

    • Jaun Lombard

      “Samsung promised Google they will stop making software to ruin Android’s image.”

      NO….agreed to scale back UI developments to make Samsung’s TW look more like standard Android.

      S Health is an App…which is being redesigned as per Google’s Kit-Kat guidelines!

  • Amine Elouakil

    The next Samsung APP will be, S Sleep, and S Breath :p

    • Albin

      There’s a lot more S words after those – some I can’t print.

      • Amine Elouakil


  • Stojan Savic

    180cm 65kg, real heavyweight :D Maybe 65 stands for apps “weight

  • Really like where design of Samsung Apps are heading. Like @mastermuffin:disqus’s wise words “Me see holo, me like”

  • RusticKey

    This should be optional, though; the app is wonkier than me at 5 AM, and it RARELY works right.
    To top it all off: 65MB, nuff said.

  • DanteR

    I feel its a great and much needed improvement. BUT, on comparison to the LG Fitness band/ Smartwatch it not that great a leap. Their best bet to recover the failure that was the gear would be to release a accompanying update adding more fitness improvements to it than a pedometer. or release the Gear 2 with more fitness related aspects cause thats the leading trend in wearable tech.

  • Jayfeather787

    I like the new UI.

  • Fred Chiang

    dat explicit ;)

  • End

    I like all of the special apps like this on my S4 like S Health and Optical Reader. However, I don’t like the idea of the Samsung Store on my android device.