RunKeeper: Join the 14 million others and let the whole world know about your running prowess

by: Varun RajJanuary 2, 2013


If fitness is your New Year resolution then you can now flaunt it through RunKeeper. It is an app that keeps track of your fitness activities, cycling and running which was previously available for the iPhone but now it can be downloaded on Android devices as well. The app lets you share snaps of your work out sessions with your friends and family just at the touch of a button from your Android smartphone.

If you are not already a fitness enthusiast, join the 14 million others in the race to fitness the fun way.

Runkeeper encourages you to join the race towards good health, and lets you keep track of your progress the easy way. You can now share your work out sessions doing various physical fitness activities which appeal you the most, and what’s more, the new interface lets you share photos instantly, of whatever you are up to at the local gym. The app is now upgraded to version 3.0 for the iPhone and has improved texting features that make sending and receiving messages a real pleasure.

You can now keep a meticulous record of all your daily physical fitness workouts and track your progress. You can set a goal for yourself for a fixed period and constantly keep looking up exactly where you are. The app lets you know the speed at which you are running and the average pace over a period of time. Other features include GPS tracking, Manual Activity Tracking, Facebook and Twitter integration, to name just a few.

Have you tried RunKeeper on your Android device yet?

  • 14 million? LoL, and pigs fly

    • kascollet

      That’s a huge number, but the iOS App has been there for a long time you know. It’s good news we finally get it.

  • Love this app. Now I can accurately measure my distance and current running pace plus.