Rumors: HTC One Google Edition announcement imminent, to be USA-only

by: Chris SmithMay 24, 2013
HTC One Google Edition

HTC One Google Edition Concept

After a recent report claimed that a HTC One Google Edition handset version is indeed in the works despite official denials from the company, it looks like more independent stories are confirming the handset.

MoDaCo and Android Central have been apparently able to verify the rumors, and it looks like the Nexus experience HTC One will be unveiled next week “or so.” and will be heading to the USA alone, just like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition model. Pricing and actual launch details for such a product have not been leaked yet.

While HTC still prefers its Sense UI on top of Android, it looks like the company decided to make such a HTC One Google Edition in direct response to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition that was announced at Google I/O and which will ship starting with June 26.

Apparently the move has been approved by Peter Chou himself, as MoDaCo explains:

It seems as though the very existence of the Google Edition device has created considerable internal turmoil at HTC. There is a deep seated belief within HTC that Sense provides the best possible Android experience and there’s no reason to offer anything different – unifying behind a consistent message. HTC has always been a company however that is driven from the top and it appears as though the new device has been sanctioned by none other than Peter Chou himself, no doubt influenced by arch-rival Samsung’s recent announcement. While many inside HTC don’t agree that the Google Edition is the way to go – it’s really happening.

The Nexus experience HTC One is said to offer roughly the same hardware as the Sense-based model, although it will be interesting to see what HTC will do with the capacitive button layout of the device which doesn’t fit with a Nexus UI experience.

The regular HTC model has been selling rather well, so it’s understandable why the company would want to offer users a version that runs stock Android out of the box.

However, we’ll remind you that these are just rumors until HTC confirms anything, so don’t get too excited just yet.

  • Ah its okay i mean, no one else wanted the GE One or anything…

  • Rahul


  • Zifh

    Please…not USA only..

  • taz89

    The thing I don’t get is if the nexus version of the one is real and seems like it is, why wasn’t it announced with the s4 at i/o…

  • OMGgary

    So even if this rumour is true, they are going to release it only in the country that Nokia is hitting the One with about 50 patent claims and quite possibly an import ban?
    I almost felt sorry for HTC for a second there…. almost… until I realised something.
    If indeed they are going ahead with a Google Edition, I doubt HTC are doing it because they give a stuff about the customers requesting this option.
    Instead I think they are hoping that if Nokia succeeds in getting a US import ban on the regular Sense based One, they can get around the ban using a vanilla Android version, which would at least reduce the massive number of software patent claims by a substantial amount.
    But of course all of this will be masked as “good guy” HTC cares so much about you customers, that it is giving you the Nexus experience One for which you asked.
    Yes, I am a cynical b., no need to tell me.

    • cs098

      Oh please, the microphone thing was valid, but now nokia are being assholes attacking htc with vague apple style accusations. Seriously I think Nokia may be biting off more than they can chew.

      • OMGgary

        Oh, I am not denying that this is totally douchebag behaviour by Nokia. I am saying that if the rumours prove true, and HTC introduce a US only vanilla Android One, it could have a lot more to do with the Nokia situation than with fulfilling this often requested option for the customers. The timing of both the Nokia suit which, douchey or not, could result in an import ban of the One, and the rumoured sudden change of heart about One GE is suspiciously coincidental.

        • cs098

          Hmm, now you put it that way, makes a bit of sense but I doubt anyone is convinced nokia’s accusations hold any water. Well other than the microphones that is.

  • Bobaboo

    Would be cool if they have the three-button set up.
    But unless there’s a Verizon version, I wouldn’t be getting one.
    Does the regular sprint version work on Verizon?

  • Ok I know US is one of the largest market in the world but Eroupe is big maket as well please I want in UK HTC One or Galaxy google