Rumor: Verizon Moto G to launch for $100 off-contract, as retail packaging leaks [Update: release date said to be January 9]

by: Chris SmithDecember 31, 2013

Motorola Moto G aa 13

[Update:] The following image provided by Droid-Life seems to suggest that the Verizon Moto G model may be launched by Best Buy on January 9, although an official announcement is still unavailable. The picture says that “the prepaid Verizon Moto G […] has a street date of January 9”, with inventory having already arrived in some stores.


The Verizon Moto G may launch for just $100, and that’s without a contract, a source that has also posted the retail packaging (image below) said.

The news comes from Google+ user Josue Joseph who apparently works at Best Buy and posted the image above simply saying: “Look at what just arrived!!”.

However, neither Motorola nor Verizon has announced the device, so don’t get too excited just yet.

Interestingly though, the Best Buy employee said that while he doesn’t know the “street date” of the device and he can’t sell it yet, “it looks like it’s going for $100.” He then further cleared the waters adding that the deal does not require a Verizon contract, and revealed that the Verizon Moto G “will not work with anything else.. That explains the cheaper price.”


While Verizon is yet to confirm launch plans for the device, the Moto G is certainly one of the most interesting budget handsets launched this year. The device is supposed to sell for either $199 or $179 unlocked, depending on storage choice, and already runs Android 4.4 KitKat officially, something not many other devices can brag with at the moment.

We’ll be back with more Verizon Moto G launch details once we have them. In case the price is indeed $100, will you buy the device?

  • Nate

    If it’s really only a 100 each I’d buy to replace my parents og razrs

  • Dragonscourgex

    A really good price. Since the GSM Moto G is limited to 3G and HSPA and no LTE support…is it safe to assume that the Verizon’s one will be limited to their eHRPD network?

  • RanRu

    So how does this fit in with the new laws involving unlocked handsets? Doesn’t Verizon have to unlock any prepaid phones on request a year after purchase?

  • AndroidBoss

    No contract. But will that ugly logo be on my Moto G?

    • Tuấn Ankh

      at least you know you won’t get that huge “4G LTE” on the back, lol.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    good for kids,

  • Tuấn Ankh

    If it’s $100, I would get one just to use as an Android player.

  • CNX

    all great until you realize that you cannot put a ROM on it. Even the ones out now need you to get a device unlock (for rooting) code from moto, rendering warranty void. You cannot get around this- tried for a whole Saturday. Like to actually own my devices, so moto is totally out forever for me.

  • Michael

    I’m was thinking about getting one for a back up. I currently have the nexus 5 as my primary device. There’s a lot of pertinent information missing As for coming to a conclusion if this is the device for me. I really don’t care for Verizon’s data plans, I’m a user of data currently. I’d like to hear more about that.

  • Jonathan Sosa

    good to give to a kid or just to play with

  • Teryl Todd

    If Verizon treats the Moto G like the rest of their prepaid phones, you’ll have to have a few months of prepaid service with the device before you can put it on a post paid plan.

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Hopefully it will have that new price here in Germany too.

    • fasfdasf

      i doubt that… it’s not even avaiable yet, although the “global launch” “released” it here before north amercia.

      yet neither an online shop nor the big electronic discounter can offer something besides preorder.

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        It is already available in Saturns’ online store. But yeah, maybe no discount here. :(

  • Data

    I’m intrigued by the packaging.

  • Cal Rankin

    It would be nice if the phone were that cheap, but Verizon’s prepaid plans can get expensive, too. And everything is limited to devices made especially for prepaid, and 3G only. Maybe I can get lucky and get this flashed to Page Plus.

  • tpy

    As I understand Moto G only has 3G — does that mean it will work on Page Plus? That would be huge.

  • Kavinath Hewagamage

    Can I get this from verizon and an unlock code from ebay then use it in a different country?

  • teotsi21

    100$ for a quad core? hell yeah!

  • ProfessorGadget

    I’m looking at getting this for a friend for his Birthday. I gave him my old Droid X after I got my SG3.

    How would this phone compare. What would the drawbacks be if any?

    He uses the Droid X for GPS golf app a couple times a week.