Rumor: Verizon HTC One with Android 4.2.2 apparently spotted

by: Chris SmithMay 22, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one lockscreen aa

A new Verizon HTC One rumor says that the handset has been spotted in a Sprint store, running Android 4.2.2.

An xda-developers forum user who apparently works for Sprint has posted the news a few hours ago, but it looks like the original thread has been deleted from the forums. A cached version of that post still exists so here’s what it says:

HTC rep is at my location showing off the one. Asked about the 4.2.2 update and he pulled out a verizon one running it with notification controls in tow……

Looks like Verizon’s will launch with 4.2.2 with us getting the update near there as well.

Pictures or any other visual proof has not been included in the post.

Meanwhile the phone is available from three U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile but also from a variety of retailers and HTC’s local online store.

This isn’t the first time we hear that Verizon will get the HTC One at some point in the future. So far HTC has denied these reports a few times, recently saying that it will make a big fuss about a potential HTC One launch with the carrier when and if that happens.


Even so, there are various hints indirectly suggesting that a new HTC handset is heading to Verizon, no matter if it’ll be the HTC One or not.

The carrier has a special media event scheduled for today at CTIA 2013, during which it may unveil new products. Naturally, the HTC One is one of the suspects, although we’ll be able to tell you more details later today.

As for that HTC One Android 4.2.2 update, we heard only days ago that it’s supposed to arrive soon.

  • Pablo Calero
  • formerhtcfanboy

    Here’s a correlation…. HTC removes SD card and removable battery –> sales decline!

    • carlisimo

      I’m not convinced. Millions of people, ranging from iPhone to Nexus 4 buyers, happily buy phones without those.

      And for people that don’t like Sense, the First had stock Android if you disabled Facebook Home. Yet that one bombed harder than any other of HTC’s failures.

      It’s obviously more complicated than that.

    • KC

      I agree! The HTC One version sold in Japan has a microSD card slot. Why isn’t this available for the International version? Reason: Idiotic marketing planning.

      I’ve an HTC One and I missed most is the microSD card, and a better and bigger rating external battery.

      This will be my last HTC with no microSD slot and an external battery. It’s a closed system that iPhoney is famous for. I bought the Onet cuz my family members are all HTC users, and they wanted to get me the One to replace my HTC Desire. The Desire served me well, with the microSD slot and the external battery helped a lot in CUSTOM ROMs installation.

      Hope the Motorola X will do better in these areas. Perhaps, the LG Optimus G2 too since it even has another external powerful battery and external charger, negating the requirement of my battery Power Pack.

      External batteries may not be an issue soon that a student won a grant from some US College for having develop a supercapacitor that can be charged in less than 1 minute, and a re-charging life cycle of 100x the normal battery.

      Anyway, my next phone will not be any device with NO microSD slot and NO externally removable battery.

    • regent

      add to that htc arrogant and ignorant stance to customer.

      perfect decline. abandon ship!

    • wakeupsally

      Yeah, right. Two features that no one cares about, complicate the design process, add unneeded space to devices that consumers want to be slim, and delay software development. And that’s what is hurting sales? Try again.

      HTC lacks vision. After 2010 they began to focus on mid-range devices and cut back on QA. They had poor marketing compared to Samsung and others, and got into that puzzling partnerships like with Beats (why showcase audio with low-end headphones and a simple equalizer when the whole consumer market is salivating for high resolution screen?).

      Getting rid of SD cards and removable batteries makes Android stronger. People need to wake up to this. They’re not coming back, so move on.

  • Mr Mop

    Well, one thing they can do is stop making stupid phones like the First; that thing was doomed from the day it was announced.

  • YouSuckYouPhonies

    How much did Samsung pay you frauds to write this biased drivel?

    • allstar

      lol you didn’t follow recent news, did you

  • nctrnl

    We promised them it would happen when they started fully locking bootloaders (Evo 3D and Sensation)…nearly 2 years later, here we are. They went against their biggest supporters and committed suicide. Since then anybody who has asked me has been guided to the latest Samsung device with the exception of the Nexus 4. Pretty soon we will be able to say, “Mission accomplished.” Cheers!