Rumor: Sony Xperia Z1S (Z1 Mini) to launch soon in China

by: Chris SmithDecember 28, 2013

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Sony will reportedly launch the Xperia Z1 f in other regions of the world in the very near future, with China apparently getting it first.

The smaller Xperia Z1 model – but which still sports high-end specs compared to other “mini” devices – is also known as the Xperia Z1S or Xperia Z1 Mini, even though it’s not clear whether Sony will use a different name for its international version.

Chinese publication cnBeta says the phone will be unveiled during the Chinese New Year Festival, will come in four colors and will cost 4099 Yuan, or around $675. The publication has also posted various pictures (see gallery below) that seem to indicate that the phone is indeed coming to China next month.

Furthermore, GforGames has spotted on Sony’s Chinese website images that suggests something may be scheduled for January 3 (see them below).

The Xperia Z1S / Z1 Mini is apparently codenamed the i3, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the device launch in other regions of the world as well in the coming months, not only China.

Considering that CES 2014 will kick off in just a few days, it would make sense to see Sony announce Xperia Z1 f launch plans for other markets – although that’s only speculation from our part.

What’s interesting about the Xperia Z1 f is that we’re practically looking at an Xperia Z1 model (top image) packed in a smaller device. Sure, the handset packs a 720p HD display instead of a Full HD screen, and has a smaller battery, but the RAM, storage and camera, as well as waterproof capabilities of its bigger brother are all there.

Would you purchase the smaller Xperia Z1 in case it launches in your market soon?

  • Luka Mlinar

    First of all that’s a whole lot of money. Secondly the two Sony phones i have are making me hate Sony day by day. I love the brand but i have more problems with their phones than my friends with other ones.

    • Walter

      I just don’t understand that. I’ve had the Z for a few months now,(first Sony phone in years) and I love it a bit more every day. There is just nothing I can’t do with this phone. Fantastic!

      • Luka Mlinar

        I imagine their top of the line phone have little to no problems. I got 2 of their mid range phones and they are causing a ton of problems. My U keeps rotating my home screen, every now and again i can’t upload an image to Facebook because i have low memeory yet i only downloaded 3 or 4 apps, nothing is running in the backrgound and the same things happens when you kill all running services. Also you can’t remove Facebook from a any one of my Sony phones. Every 5th time i answer my phone it restarts. Some times it takes 5 seconds to answer a call. Sometimes i try to call someone and it calls someone else or restarts. My mom’s Tipo is no better. She takes pictures and they disappear.
        When i take the phone to the shop they tell me all is well.

        • Walter

          Ow.. Yeah, I can’t really comment on that. I’ve never had either one of those.. Sorry to hear about your woes..

          • Luka Mlinar

            Someone posted this on the Sony page just a few minutes ago. Seams like every Sony no matter what it is has a fault or two

          • Walter

            To be fair, I had two people on 2 separate incidents that tried to show me something on their S4 galaxies; and they had to reboot it as it froze up.. I can only talk from personal experience, and my experience with the Z has been flawless to awesome..

          • Luka Mlinar

            Nothing’s perfect :/

          • Walter

            Can I hear an Amen..? ;-)

  • Tod Leamon

    Too small for my taste, but I do like what Sony is doing. Their phones are closer to stock android than say Samsung LG or HTC. Would be nice to see Sony’s phones catch on in the US.

    • Daniel Giovanni

      If it’s too small for you then just but the Z1 with 5″ display. That phone is in the market for a while. But we want more options. And I think all brands should have a small, medium and large to satisfy everybody.

  • Guest

    funny cause, asian countries have been selling more and more phablets thus, consumers want larger devices. . . so sony gives them a smaller one.

    • gab

      im from an asian country, and im sick and tired of huge phablets bulging in my pockets and falling on my face when i try to use them while lying down, so a smaller phone with big-ass specs is more than welcome.

      • gab

        besides, i think what Sony is doing is giving the small-handed people a choice if ever they want small phones with great specs,because frankly all the good-spec’d phones are usually the large screened one. Take the z1, tab 3 and g2 for example.

      • Walter

        Lol! I actually saw a clip on Youtube of that happening to a girl.. Looked like it hurt like hell..

    • yudi_hilmawan

      Lol no oversized phone can beat phone with reasonable size when it comes to sales.

  • AndroidBoss

    Why do companies have to make mini phones out of every flagship they make?

    • ash

      Bcoz some people like me are ready to pay them 700$ for this phone. As like small screen with power of ram n processors. Plus everything which a flagship has. Everyone’s taste is different.

      • Jayfeather787

        No its not about the phone itself, it’s about the company polluting the android world with all the phones. AndroidBoss just doesn’t want Sony to pull a Samsung and make the Mini Mega Maxx Kids Edition Active Gaming Edition Pro 8.4. The phone might be a great phone, but android companies are starting to make a lot (and sometimes too many) android phones. Samsung comes out with one every other week. I just don’t want Sony to do the same.

  • Joshua Hill

    I’ve been waiting for this device for months. Stop teasing us and release it Sony. If they’d released it earlier I would have already bought it. However, now I’m saving and won’t be buying a new phone for another 6 months.

  • Rose

    I would totally purchase it. Hopefully it will comes to Norway soon. My last small Sony Ericsson was stolen :( I’ve been waiting for a nice small phone like this for a long time. Come to Europe sooner please Sony!!

    • Walter

      South Africa first.. ;-)
      Kidding, I’m actually very happy with my Z. Will probably only upgrade once my existing contract has run its course. So you can have it..

      • Rose

        Why thank you Walter!! That’s so generous of you. :D Yea, the regular Z is nice, but too big for girlie hands like mine. LOL

        • Walter

          Aaw shucks ma’am.. Only a pleasure… ;-)

  • Kaitlyn

    Really am looking forward to the launch of this phone in Malaysia.

    Sony, please make it fast and soon! :D
    Hopefully can get one before Chinese New Year celebrations =x

  • Smuti

    I’m afraid by the time they finally release it, the competion will allready release next gen’s minis which will catch up to the Z1 mini.

  • Konstantinos

    I’ve been waiting for this phone since the announcement of its Japanese variant, the Z1f, I’d buy it regardless its price. I don’t like all those bulky 4.7+” phones at all, but I want high-end specs, so this seemed like the perfect phone.
    Unfortunately, it’s not small enough. The water/dust proof treatment took its toll and as a result we have a phone not that smaller than Galaxy S3.
    And if the ~$640 is true, then too bad, I do not intend to pay all that money for a 4.3″ with such a big case. I will take it into consideration, but it’s not my first choice anymore.

  • prashant