Rumor: Sony working on an Xperia smartphone with a 4.3-inch AMOLED display

by: AdrianApril 9, 2012
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Xperia U

Even though Sony isn’t exactly the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer on the market, the Japanese have always had a few things going for them. I, for one, have always liked the Xperia designs and especially their top-notch TFT displays.

However, if we are to believe a rumor from a couple of days back, it seems that Sony will try to mix things up a little with at least one of their future Xperia smartphones. In spite of the fact that we have no idea when this new supposed Xperia would come and how it will be priced, it seems that the device will be Sony’s first-ever smartphone to sport an AMOLED display.

The gadget’s display should measure 4.3 inches in diagonal, according to the same report, and could feature a pixel density of around 250-300 PPI. That sounds pretty cool, at least in theory, but it remains to be seen if Sony actually needed such a change. After all, like I said, their displays were one of the few features that many technology enthusiasts loved about the Xperia smartphones.

The AMOLED panel set to be featured on Sony’s future Xperia model will be manufactured by AU Optronics (AUO), a subsidiary of BenQ, which has supplied display panels for other giants, including Samsung, LG, Dell, Apple, or Acer.

AUO should ship the AMOLED screens to Sony sometime in the second half of this year, which means that the new Xperia should hit the market before the end of 2012. My guess (a wild one, so it’s not to be taken very seriously) is the first ever Sony smartphone to sport an AMOLED display is the gadget currently known by its Mint I codename and due for release in September.

So, how about it, boys and girls? Are you excited about Sony’s decision to mix things up and come with a smartphone sporting an AMOLED display? Or do you think, like me, that their TFT screens are nice enough and they shouldn’t try to fix what’s not broken? Hit us back with a comment and please let us know!

  • XYZ

    I think they should try to see what they can do with newer technology. Plus I want to see how they handle AMOLED technology. I’ve always loved Sony’s TFT displays, primarily for their brilliant colour accuracy, something that Samsung has let me down on with their SAMOLED+. I really want if Sony can perfect colour accuracy of AMOLED and include the added benefit of stupendous contrast and black levels.
    Plus, if they can get their whitemagic display in there we could have a potential winner.

  • Facelord

    My Vita’s OLED screen is GLORIOUS, if this thing matches it in screen quality I’ll wanna pick one up. It’ll end up as my first smartphone, I always like throwing my dollar vote toward Sony for their business ethics and the way they treat me as a gamer.

  • Yontot1993

    please sony you has to change your strategy if you wanna win a battle between samsung.
    i <3 sony