Rumor: Sony’s crazy 2013 plans could include a 6-inch super-phone and a 5-incher with an A15 CPU

by: AdrianDecember 10, 2012

We’ve reported on some crazy rumors before (some even very recently), but we can’t honestly remember something as outrageous as what we’re going to talk about today. The craziness of the speculation(s) is only exceeded by the far-fetched nature of the rumor however, so take everything you’re going to hear with much caution and a grain of salt the size of a phablet.

Ready? Here goes. According to an esato forum user going by the “codename” of coolkid8689, Sony is hard at work in prepping not one and not two high-end phones for 2013, but four. And a 4-incher that looks like it could nicely fit in that small gap between mid-range and top-tier.

Let’s take them one by one, shall we? First, there’s the 4-incher, dubbed Xperia 4 and equipped with a 720p display, a 12 MP rear-facing shooter, an MSM8960T processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, microSD support, 16 GB of on-board storage, and a 1,800 mAh battery.

Now I know what you’re going to say. How the fudge can I call this a mid-ranger? Well, I definitely can, because if this is a high-ender, the next ones are super-ultra-high-enders. Take the “Xperia 5”, for example.

This is said to come with a 1080p display, a 13 MP camera, an APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, LTE, 2 GB of RAM, microSD support, 32 GB of internal memory and a 2,400 mAh battery. Much better than the 4-incher, don’t you think?

The Xperia 5R is the second high-end Sony phone planned to come out in 2013, but it will not differ from the Xperia 5 all that much. The only notable upgrades will be a beefier 2,800 mAh battery and water resistance, so it’s a good chance this’ll be a regional version of the Xperia 5 (probably for Asia).

So, is this enough to pique your interest and start considering Sony a worthy competitor for Samsung? No? Well, how about if we throw an “Xperia 6” in the mix, with a 1080p 6-inch panel, a 13 MP cam, an S4 Pro CPU, LTE, 3 GB of RAM (say whaaaat?!?!), microSD, 32 GB of storage, and a whopping 3,500 mAh battery.

Dayum, that sounds like one hot beast of a phone, but wait, there’s more. How can there be more? There just is, because, according to speculations, Sony’s already thinking two steps ahead with a 5-inch flagship for Q4 2013 in the works.

This is in “early design phase” though, so the spec sheet is preliminary and possibly subject to drastic changes. That said, brace yourselves, because the unnamed device is said to be coming with a yet to be released quad-core A15 CPU, 3 GB of RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery and a 16 MP rear-facing camera. Out of words? I know I am.

Hate to do this to you after all that sensational news, but daydreaming aside, we have to be honest – there’s little to no evidence backing these rumors and the source is definitely not one we can call trustworthy.

The only details that seem to check out in the entire story are Xperia 5’s specs, which are very similar to the ones leaked for the Odin. That would probably make the Yuga the same device as the 5R, but the other three are nothing more than wild cards. Oh, right, and the naming scheme is not to be trusted either as much sense as it would make.

So, all things considered, who here thinks Sony might have all this madness prepped? And who thinks the “intel” is complete and utter nonsense?

  • Debasis Patra

    Great News ..

  • masterdebater

    We need a Nexus Xperia.

  • descendency

    If that 6 inch phone was a 6.1 inch phone, it could have Sharp’s WQXGA (1600×2560) screen on it.

    • th3

      Yeah because Sony does not make LCDs do they?

      Sonys joint venture already have a 7 inch display in that resolution, but since 2 months ago when i first heard the rumors about the 6 inch Sony (yes that is an old rumor already) it has always been 1080 x 1920, so we can disregard the possibility of 1600p. We can hope though, i would like to replace my Note 2 with that kinda resolution.

      However theres still nothing from Japan Display about a 6 inch display, so if it is 1080p or 1600p is of less relevance for now, this could be Q2 or Q3.

      I welcome 3 gig RAM, i always have at least 300 MB free on my Note 2 but i dont think 2GB is gonna be overkill in a year from now.

  • It’s all about pricing now. Sony has almost always had the power, but never the price point to be a major competitor.

    • backyard bush

      price and timing actually.
      phone from sony is good but they always late entering the market.

  • freedomspopular

    Include an active digitizer and built in pen on that 6 incher and you’ve got my money.

    • th3

      They dont need a digitizer. The new displays with sensor-on-lens are so sensitive that a pen/stylus can be used. We would not get airview then but thats ok.

      You can see it in the video here,

  • Aaaaand I just made a mess in my pants. If this is true. I will have one. I will change companies for this. I would use Sprint for this.

  • who cares it’s sony……. they suck

    • leoingle

      ^^^ this ^^^

      • ^^that^^ sony suck balls Japaniese stuff is not cool anymore. It isn’t 1990

  • Ivan Budiutama

    call me pessimistic, but Sony need to actually build better camera phone quality rather than pushing too far on the Megapixel count. If the gsmarena camera tool to be trusted, the 13 MP Xperia S is not even better than Huawei Ascend P1 8MP Camera. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sony, in the past Sony Ericsson was my only choice over Nokia or Samsung, in much distant past though and the old Satio phone was one of the best camera phone I ever had, even my friend’s 2 years old SE Vivaz performs better quality on the camera shot and video capture. But lately on SE Arc forward (unfortunately), seemed like they loose their touch. Let’s hope this supposed-to-be super phone will “WOW” everyone

  • malibu

    A nexus xperia.. would be heaven.. I’ve made my decision to stay with nexus everything.. now that I have a nexus 7 3gb and the nexus 4 8gb… Iove google to mich

  • Freddy

    Damn, it’s time I really started to think about replacing my almost 10 year old Sony Ericsson P900! I’ve had that for too long but never once failed on me and not once did I consider replacing it since buying it outright. This superphone from Sony I may just give it up for and sell my trustworthy P900, sure as hell won’t get anything for it now though, lol!

  • SmackmyBishop

    The news Sony left out, its shipping with Gingerbread and Sony has promise a Ice Sandwich update later next year

  • procoder

    play ground is open..everyone want to take a pie of market share..finally consumer wins..they will have best of the best..

  • IncCo

    Funny thing is that this will definitely come true, and even more powerful and impressive beasts, its all just a matter of who can wait the longest before buying =P

  • Ben Edwards

    By the time they release these phones (assuming they do) the S4 Pro will be an old CPU and they’ll already be on the back foot. Samsung and nVidia will already be using A15 architecture by then.

    • kambridge

      yeah, sony is always late. I wonder why they repeat it over and over.

    • SonyFan

      is snapdragon s4 pro old? what’s the matter with people??? the first device which runs that cpu is optimus g which is in the market since October or november !!!! two months ago!!! is it already old? Krait is almost a A15 Core

  • APai

    whoever devised the 2012 sony strategy needs to be fired. samsung galaxy S2 was a huge hit, and the galaxy franchise took off from galaxy S, the same thing happened with ipod/ iphone/ ipad. similarly a single flagship boosting sale for the rest of the family has been followed by amd/ intel/ nvidia etc. so we have plenty of examples.

    and yet for some godforsaken reason, sony went with a strategy of having no falgship, or having half a dozen phones where flagship features were thrown randomly at those phones. okay it gave value to all those phones resulting in becoming unique. but the problem is that you now cannot deliver continued value by delaying updates, because you have a dozen phones to support. no wonder people want to flock to samsung.

    the ultimate result is an incoherent mess. those who bought a “sony 2012 flagship” will be gutted, they would think I’d be better off buying a galaxy s3, at least that one phone gets premium suite treatment.

    sony, you messed it up royally. own up. fire the guy who devised the strategy and go back to basics

    • meid

      sad but true. I think they still experimenting with market, just like samsung did in low-end market, throw everything and see what hit.

      other factor might be that japanese usually has pride. sony don’t want to follow korean or us company. they have their own way to success.

      • APai

        agreed. …and their low end & mid range offering is better than samsung or any other manufacturer. however, if they need sales to be boosted, they really need one or two flagship.