Samsung has been rumored for a while to launch its own smartwatch device and new reports now reveal that such a product (model number SM-V700) has been spotted in inventory systems.

Samsung-Updates has spotted the product on Zauba, a logistics company from India that we have seen in another Samsung-related report the other day – according to Zauba shipment tracking, Samsung may be testing three different Galaxy Note 3 versions (with screen sizes from 5.5-inch to 6.0-inch).

Now the same Zauba lists a SM-VL700WATCH device that, like the Galaxy Note 3 units, is to be used for “R&D purposes.” There’s only one listing on the website for the device, which says that three units have been shipped on July 24.

A commercial product name has not been mentioned for the device, although previous reports did say it could be called Samsung Gear. Images of the Samsung smartwatch are not available at this time either, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see more leaks coming out way assuming the product is real.

Samsung Smartwatch

Sam Mobile reports that its sources can confirm that Samsung Germany “has received a Samsung SmartWatch Prototype and has also begun testing firmwares for the device.” The publication says that no other Samsung division in Europe has the smartwatches, suggesting that the fact that Samsung Germany got it may indicate an IFA 2013 launch.

Sony has recently announced its second smartwatch model – the SmartWatch 2 – that will launch in September and other companies including Google, Apple and Microsoft are rumored to release similar smart devices in the future.

  • MasterMuffin

    I really don’t get why the idea of a smartwatch is so popular. I guess it’s because I’ve never used a watch? Can’t think of any use for that :/

    • Oh I dunno… When I was a kid, I wore a watch similar to this.

      • MasterMuffin

        I just don’t get it :)

        • Ruben

          I’m with you. It would be a nice gimmick to have but I don’t think it’s worth the price…

          • n900mixalot

            Which price?

          • Ruben

            Atleast €100. Samsung will definitely try to squeeze every penny they can get out of it… So I won’t be amazed if it would cost around €250

    • King Lo

      Runners and exercisers in general need a smartwatch phones aren’t accessible during a workout. Also people who already wear watches all the time anyway wouldn’t mind having the extra functionality. You probably don’t get it because you probably don’t wear a watch.

      • MasterMuffin

        If you read my comment, it clearly says that I’ve never used a watch :D

        The smartwatch needs a phone with it to have internet and sms and stuff, right? So the phone will be in your pocket, if you’re running you have to take the phone out of your pocket anyways if you want to for example answer an sms. You’ll save many bucks if you don’t buy this device that makes reading sms >5sec faster. I just can’t get it

        • King Lo

          When you’re running your phone is strapped to your arm in a waterproof case that’s impractical to use. it’s extremely disrupting to try to crane your neck and look at your phone as opposed to raising your arm and looking at your wrist.

          On a side note SMS is a bad example. If someone stops their run to answer a text they aren’t trying to run very hard.

          • MasterMuffin

            Oh like a real runner, not like an exerciser. Well then I get it, but that’s a really small amount of people you’re talking about there

          • Victor V.

            hmmm not really. I run a lot and a smart watch is extremely practical. If it can display my speed,pace,heart rate,time elapsed as well as distance ran. i would just keep my phone in my pocket or strapped to my upper arm .it would also be useful in class,in a movie,in a meeting,at dinner if you happen to receive a message or call during these events. I just have to look down on at my wrist quickly to see the contents of a text or to see who is calling me. I can then verify if it is important enough to answer or ignore all without taking my phone out.

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t know what to say, sunds great for you, go get it! :D

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t know what to say, sunds great for you, go get it! :D

        • abazigal

          I can think of one scenario right off the bat.

          Say I am sitting down with my phone in my pocket. An email or sms comes in. Instead of taking my phone out to check (which can be cumbersome if my pockets are quite tight), I can check who the sender is right from my watch. If it is just some junk mail, then I won’t bother.

          Might be useful for women who have a tendency to leave their handphones in their handbags, but I think the bigger challenge would be getting them to wear a watch that looks like crap.

    • n900mixalot

      If you aren’t a watch wearer it will definitely be hard to convince someone like you to pick one up and suddenly change that habit. I’m into the aesthetic of watches and also a gadget whore. My issue with these watches is that they are all ugly ugly ugly.

      I don’t care if it uses e-ink or has low powered Bluetooth. I care about what it looks like so for me, if it looks good and can connect to my phone, bonus.

      But I don’t see Samsung or Apple, and especially not Sony with their brick ugly watch, moving any mountains with these.

      In the meantime, check this out:

      If you feel anything when you see that, you may be able to be convinced.

      • MasterMuffin

        Well I’m not a woman so I didn’t think that looked good. I’ve come to the conclusion that I currently have no use for wearable tech so you people can stop trying to convince me :)

        • n900mixalot

          It’s okay. Not trying to convince ya. You don’t see it, no harm no foul, no style, no problem. One less thing you have cluttering up your life.

      • Ruben

        Watches aren’t very useful anymore… They act more as accessoires than they’re being used to see what time it is. I wouldn’t spend much on a watch if it’s just as easy to take a look at my phone.

        • n900mixalot

          If they are accessories they are useful. But I don’t carry a purse because it isn’t my style. Doesn’t make it useless though. It’s a matter of perspective.

          • Ruben

            I would like to see something glass like in the form of a lens but instead of voice control I’d want mind control :P

            If only our technology would be that far… Until then I’ll just keep on dreaming!

      • Owen Lednor

        I agree completely… I love the idea of a smart watch (the gadget fanatic in me) but I have been seriously disappointed with all the smart watches i have seen. They aren’t very good looking in the scheme of things and I just hope Samsung looks at some of the awesome mock-ups people have made.

        I really like the look of those SEIKO watches (I’m fabulous like that;) and if a smart watch company can tap into the design side of the watches then they will make a killer on the market. Most people buy watches for looks, I go to a watch store to get one that tells the time and more importantly looks good.
        Oh and they have to be priced right… but that’s a different conversation :)

      • john

        I agree, wish someone would make the watch module and the GUI API, then just sell it to other “real” watch manufactures to make the housing for it.

        Unlike most phones, one of the most prominent use for watches are as fashion accessory, for both sexes if you please.

    • Mark Washington

      For convenience! This is just the beginning. Who would have known that smart phones that we have today would be so advance as they stand now!

      • MasterMuffin

        These smartwatches could benefit from foldable display (like the one that Samsung demoed in one of its ads)

    • Lil bit

      I too never wear a watch, because it serves no purpose. But a smartwatch, I deffy want one, it’s going to be very useful, I would have one already if a good one was available.

      I look forward to be able to read text messages and FB notifications without having to pull up the phone, unlock it, then read.

    • freedomspopular

      I can definitely see some use cases for this. I just fail to see the demand. It’s not like existing models are exactly selling like hotcakes, yet every one and their mother is scrambling to make one like it’s the next big thing.