Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Optimus G2, HTC Butterfly 2 to arrive in Q3 2013

by: Bogdan BeleMay 9, 2013

Galaxy Note 2 (left) vs Droid DNA / Butterfly (right)

New flagship smartphones are said to come from the major brands in this year’s third quarter, in an effort to counter Apple’s next iPhone, rumored to launch during this year’s second half, according to a recent report.

DigiTimes – which isn’t always reliable when it comes to such rumors, so we’ll take what it says with a grain of salt – quoting industry sources, names Samsung, HTC and LG as manufacturers that are planning new flagship smartphones for the third quarter of this year. All of the claims in the report seem to confirm previous rumors, so it wouldn’t be too strange for us to see them materialized soon enough. But let’s take them one at a time, shall we?.

Who’s planning what?

Samsung is said to be preparing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the sources of the report mentioning specs close to the already rumored ones for it – 5.99-inch AMOLED Full HD display, Exynos 5 octa-core CPU (a quad-core variant was also mentioned in the previous rumors).

Next in the line of manufacturers said to be prepping new flagships is HTC, with the report mentioning the Butterfly 2. The device (which has been allegedly noticed in an OTA test a little while ago), is said to have a large-size Full HD display (no mention of the actual size), as well as some features already included in the HTC One, like BlinkFeed. Other HTC One features included are said to be the UltraPixel camera, as well BoomSound speakers.

Finally, LG is expected to launch its new flagship smartphone, the Optimus G2, which has been rumored quite a bit lately, be it in benchmarks and Bluetooth SIG or in leaked images (of course, nothing’s officially confirmed yet). Well, the report says that the Optimus G2 will have a 5-inch Full HD display, as well as a Snapdragon 800 CPU. It remains to be seen whether we’ll find out more about it at LG’s Macau event on May 30 or later this year.

Even if nothing is actually official at the moment, this can only mean that we have an interesting rest of the year ahead of us.

Which one of these flagship smartphones looks the most interesting to you (provided they confirm)? Let us know in a comment.

  • MasterMuffin

    Note 3!

    I think it’s funny how manufacturers are trying to compete with the iPhone by making more bigger and bigger devices. Why nobody has thought of 4,5″ screen with 1600×900 resolution, PPI would be over the magic 400 and iPhone users would change to it easier than to +5″ device

    • amine ELouakil

      but hey it’s not 6″ it will be 5.99″ still manageable :)

      • MasterMuffin

        Oh I thought it was 6″. Sorry my bad, 5,99″ is totally manageable :D

  • Optimus G2. TRUE HD IPS + true to life color…

  • Dominick_7

    Very much looking forward to the Galaxy Note 3!

    • MickJay Glaze

      im looking for to the HTC Butterfly 2 or possibly Droid DNA 2 on Verizon

  • what would be the screen size of Note 5?
    10 inches??? :P

    • Sanda Fillol

      there’s been galaxy note 10.1. the third galaxy note variant.

    • ajay

      its most probably gonna end up being a samsung smart tv…

  • lollicup04

    Sony Honami i1 and Sony Togari

  • satsmine2k4

    and the iphone 5s/6 with a moniker “same phone different name” geez that’s magic ain’t it?

  • Bullydogger

    Bring on the Note3!!!

  • Dean

    can’t wait for all of them. Hope the note 3 & butterfly2 do what s4 & one do now, compete :D

  • LPF

    Note 3’s the only one with the stylus, so that.

    Sony are rumoured to be making a large phone with a stylus though…

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Samsung if your listening… I think with apples downfall there are plenty who would be ready willing to invest more for a 64gb octa core note 3. I’m not liking the idea of a butcheted quad core 16gb (9GB) model for the sake of loe price point. Buying it no matter the price…. And thank you for my note 2.

  • Yahoooooo!! Very soon I will be sleeping with my Note3.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Ahh oui, I plan to romance mine in bed aswell. LoL

  • The Note 3 will be amazing, but by that time I still cannot upgrade.

  • Arham7004

    Hope the htc comes with tegra 4

    • Zach

      I would rather see a Snapdragon 800, regardless I will be purchasing it. HTC makes the absolute best phones.

  • MariaxNY


  • Atr

    None of them, I’m waiting for Sony’s upcoming flagship Honami and Togari

    • amine ELouakil

      Hopefully it will be released with the top of the range CPU, Sony seems to be releasing it phones with a previous generation SoC each time

  • Usaamah Gill

    Looking forward to the G2 the most! I think LG is about to make the most revolutionary phone of recent times, and along with it the critical crown for best smartphone manufacturer.(Obviously just my opinion, well see what actually happens soon enough!)

  • cvgordo

    looking forward to the note 3. hope they put stereo speakers on the front like the htc one though. that should be standard on all high end phones imo.

  • Fucking HTC.. again they release new phones every half a year. I pity those who bought HTC One, soon your device “won’t be powerful enough to receive Android 5.0 update”. That will be the most likely excuse from HTC.

    • ajay

      i apparently happen to be a huge fan of htc,BUT,bro u gotta point there…

  • tony montana

    Go HTC T6 waiting for u to come out buddy!!!!