A new rumor says that LG may be the chosen Nexus 5 maker this year, with the next-gen Google Nexus smartphone expected to be largely based on the LG G2 and to offer Nexus 4-like pricing.

The news apparently comes from South Korean media, according to MyDrivers, but the Chinese publication doesn’t offer any details about the sources of this particular rumor.

MyDrivers says that the Nexus 5 will be as affordable as its predecessor, with prices starting at $299.

However, in order to be that affordable, the new Nexus 5 will not be entirely similar to the LG G2, with LG’s most recent flagship apparently being the phone the Nexus 5 will be based on.

According to the publication, the LG Nexus 5 would arrive in October running Android 5.0 and packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 10-megapixel camera. The device will also have an 1080p display, although it’s not clear if it’s going to be a 5-inch screen.

Comparatively, the LG G2 features a 5.2-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 800 SoC and a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization.

Furthermore, it’s not clear whether the button layout of the LG G2 – all keys moved on the back under the camera – will remain in placed or not.

Nexus 4 japan

Considering that LG made the Nexus 4, it’s only logical to wonder whether the Nexus 5 will be based on the LG G2 or not – in fact we already asked ourselves that question the other day.

This isn’t the first time we hear that LG will make the Nexus 5 this year, although nothing is clear at this time. At one point LG seemed to deny any interest in building the following Nexus handset, although that particular denial was then quickly denied by the company, which wouldn’t say no to making a Nexus 5.

For what it’s worth, a completely different rumor that’s currently floating around says that Motorola will make a Nexus smartphone this year.

Today’s report is just a rumor, so take it with the appropriate amount of salt for now. In case the LG will indeed make the new Nexus smartphone, then we expect to see a large assortment of leaks for the handset in the coming months – after all, the Nexus 4 was hardly a secret last fall.

What company would you like to manufacture the Nexus 5 smartphone? Why?

  • Rosnal

    Me gustaría que fuese Motorola, pero si incluirán toda la tecnología y avances del LG G2 al Nexus 5, no tengo ningún problema de adquirir el próximo Nexus así sea fabricado por LG

    • End in sight

      I was hoping for Sony. :~/

      • YoungHermit

        Same, but LG is fine

        • Markisboss

          I want HTC to make the next nexus.

          • YoungHermit

            I don’t think they will, they already made a GPE HTC One. It’s almost like making 2 HTC Ones. Then again I might be wrong

    • chanman

      me encantaría un Xperia Nexus. Qué tan lindo sería…

  • Vallhalen

    Good nexus must be high-end or no? hmm i prefer when it is high end so if it wont be, i’ll buy oppo 7 this time (i love nexus series but… you know, DAT hardware feeling :P )

  • Luka Mlinar

    This will most likely be my next phone :)

  • Alex Murphy

    I want an LG Nexus 5 with Motorola’s X8 processor for all those extra contextual goodies :-)

    • Agni

      The Moto X8 is still a dual core S4 Pro. I would, without a blink of an eye, sacrifice the voice activation features for a Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 600/800’s quad core ooomph.

      • Jared Isch

        While it is a technically a dual core, it has other processors devoted to voice control, etc. That’s why you get the insane battery life and still better performance.

        • Alex Murphy

          Exactly. And according to benchmark tests (for those who actually care about those) the Moto X blows away both the HTC One and S4, both of which “supposedly” should be higher-end phones. After all specs are just numbers on paper, it’s the performance that counts.

  • Xavier Dyer

    Realistically, there’s no way you’re getting high end specs like the GS4, HTC One and LG G2 at a Nexus 4 price. It will be a great device but slightly less powerful than the other devices mentioned above..

    • AndroidBrian

      Nexus 4 had some of the best specs around when it was released for for $300-$350. It was just as powerful as HTC and GS3. So realistically, yes it can happen.

      • Xavier Dyer

        It had good specs but the camera was terrible and the screen wasn’t that great plus it came with 8/16Gb of non expandable storage and no LTE..

        • Just curious, have you used the Nexus 4. The camera is actually quite nice. Not the best, but it’s decent. Adding an SD card slot would cost practically nothing, so that’s really not a money issue, it’s just that Google wants you to use their cloud. And it does have LTE radios, it’s just disabled by the software. Plus, the screen is absolutely gorgeous.

          The Nexus 5 could indeed have near-top 2013 specs and be the same price as the Nexus 4. Nexus devices aren’t made to have the most amazing and crazy specs. That’s not what they’re for.

        • smokebomb

          I’m using LTE on my nexus 4 right now. It had the radios, they just weren’t approved by the FCC before it went on sale so they turned them off in the 4.2 update. I’m still on 4.2.2 just flashed the old radio. 19mbps down 9mbps up.

        • AndroidBrian

          Screen wasn’t that great? It had one of the best screen rez on the market during its release. HTC and Samsung’s phones were 720p and LG Nexus was 768 making its PPI the highest of the two. GS3 had 8mp camera too. LG Nexus was just a better phone than GS3 and HTC hands down IMO. And for half the price. Like I’ve been saying all along. Nexus 5 will probably be the G2 with a lower quality camera to save cost. EcCtly what it was to the G1. 16gb of storage is understandable. This is a Google play device. Google lost money on ever LG Nexus they sold..Google is hoping its returns will be in Google play sells.

    • Rooney-

      Well who cares about benchmarks in real life as long as we get a good phone for lower price.

  • Clarkkent113

    Count me in for THAT phone. I was so disappointed by the price on the Moto X, but looks like Google will redeem themselves with the Nexus 5.

    I’m fine with having the same processor as the HTC Once (Snapdragon 600 instead of the 800). This definitely means I can sell my Note 2 and break even by buying a Nexus 5 and finally get PURE ANDROID! Woohooo.

    • Xavier Dyer

      A lot of people were disappointed with the Moto X price vs the actual specs.

      • Rooney-

        Yeah. It was priced way too high!

  • Alu Zeros

    Not impressed,

    Needs battery that last all day
    Higher storage options such as 64gb

    • PhineasJW

      What do you store on your phone that requires 64GB? Just curious.

      • Jimbo

        movies/tv shows, quite simple really.

      • smokebomb

        I’d like to watch my torrented copy of archer season 4, but it won’t fit on 16GB and I don’t have time to encode it to a lesser quality.

    • Nope

      Ain’t gonna happen. The nexus is based for tech enthusiasts that store their data on clouds

  • In_Theory

    Please 32GB BASE storage?

    • ijKs

      Very doubtful. 8GB base with 16/32GB for another 50 dollars most likely. Google wants you to use their cloud service.

  • Oli72

    i’m all over this. already have nexus 4 it’s awesome. nexus 5 will be my business phone. i hope the LG will not do the nexus 5 and have a google edition phone the specs on the G2 is bananas.

  • squeasel

    I prefer LG. Actually, just about anyone other than Motorola. Having been burned with their lousy Cliq and a couple of other Moto phones in the pre-smartphone era, I don’t think I can bring myself to give them any more money.

    • Aaron Jaeger

      Haha. The Cliq. I had one of those pieces of $#!^.

      • squeasel

        The Cliq is not even good enough to be called a piece of of $#!^. I wish Google had hooked up with some other hardware manufacturer.

  • Ryan Castle

    I’d rather pay $400-500 than have LG cut corners everywhere to get to $300

  • Christopher Vanwinkle

    I’m disappointed that they would use a Snapdragon 600, instead of an 800.

  • 14


    • 14

      Bcoz they make great smartphone…

  • Rauel Crespo

    I don’t care who makes it, as long as 16GB($299) and 32GB($349) are options…Hell, why not offer 64GB($399)? With Android games getting bigger and bigger, and Google obviously shying away from SD-Cards, offering multiple higher capacity devices would definitely help.

    • pride

      so that’s the reason G2 didnt have sdcard slot, easier conversion to Nexus 5.

    • carlisimo

      Probably not gonna happen. “With Nexus 4 pricing” would mean 8GB for $299, and it sounds like they’re having trouble achieving even that.

    • Cao Meo

      Google subsidize Nexus to attract people to the cloud, that’s why they always limit the storage.

  • Peter Parker

    Phone sounds great but I would prefer a slightly smaller screen? I mean, am I the only one who still puts his phone in his pocket? How the heck am I supposed to fit a 5.2 inch screen in my pocket? Oh well, for the price, I’ll make it work.

  • crackinthewall

    If they used a Snapdragon 600, it wouldn’t be a G2 now will it? Remember how the Nexus 4 was almost a spec for spec copy of the Optimus G. At the time, the S4 Pro Quad was the best processor you can get for your money. The Nexus 4 cut the things that won’t affect the phone’s shelf life: storage, camera, LTE.

    • Agni

      Funny thing is that the Nexus 4 has a soft locked, yet fully capable LTE radio in it. I guess LG disabled it so the Nexus won’t cannibalize Optimus G sales.

      • Brody Boswell

        Nah it only has band 4 late so only a few networks are compatible

      • crackinthewall

        They need to have a license to use LTE, not to mention the fact that it’s not just soft locked, it lacks the hardware to be a fully functional LTE device. It will only operate on band 4.

  • domahman

    hope the power button is not on the back. I wanna pocket my phone.

  • rdeleonp

    Snapdragon 800 or GTFO!
    Who am I kidding? Will probably buy it no matter what… Can’t live without fast OS updates…

  • JC

    HTC, they started the whole thing, best quality handset:)

  • Ian Dimare

    AWWWWWWWWW YEEEES! I’d definitely buy it!

  • JC

    While the SD600 will still provide a slick performance, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t put the SD800 in. It’s practically the standard SOC for 2H 2013.

    I wouldn’t think a SD800 costs that much more than SD600. Plus, it’s been said many times already, LG was able to put the latest and greatest S4 PRO into the Nexus 4 last year.

    Also, isn’t there value in using the same motherboard for the Nexus 5 as the G2 instead of creating two seperate ones? Doesn’t the N4 and G1 have the same motherboard (which explains why the N4 has LTE hardware)?

    • bobby henris

      I thought when google bought moto, they said moto would not make a nexus for 5 yrs to keep everything fair, let other companies decide what they’re gonna do in regards to OS

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Hmmm… This is bad… not because the S600 isn’t as nice as the S800 (which it isn’t) but because the S600 doesn’t have an integrated world modem. Best case, worse battery consumption. Worst case, if LG doesn’t put in something with CDMA then VZW users will (yet again) be screwed!

  • azrull

    As a Nexus user, I do not mind about how much price Google will offer for the Nexus 5 and also do not care about who will make it. Personally, I prefer Motorola instead of LG.

  • azrull

    I do not think HTC One specs will be based for the next Nexus. Google will take similar approach like previous Nexus (N4) which only decrease camera MP, no SDcard and fixed battery.

  • Paul K Deuster

    I would like to see Motorola making the Nexus 5. Because i believe they can achieve an awesome battery life with their knowhow of the motox.

  • Joachim Nilsson

    Buzz off people, we want a Sony Nexus with a dedicated camera shutter button.

  • AAuser99

    Snapdragon 600 would be a deal breaker.

  • TheWenger

    I really wouldn’t mind a Nexus with top of the line specs. That S800 is sexy.

  • Antoine Dalli

    I hope that the nexus 5 it will have 32gb of memory

  • Shermon MK-1

    please! give it the G2’s processor! :D let’s have a 2.1ghz nexus :D :D :D