Rumor: New Nexus 7 could be unveiled at Computex

by: Chris SmithJune 2, 2013

Asus Nexus 7

A new report suggests that Asus could unveil the new Nexus 7 model at Computex in a few days.

From the start, we’ll tell you to take this particular rumor with a huge chunk of salt, as the source isn’t really providing that many details to work with.

What IBN Live says is that “analysts” expect the company to unveil the device during the show, but it doesn’t make it clear what analysts think the new 7-inch Nexus tablet will be shown in Taipei, Taiwan, or what makes them think it will happen. The publication writes:

Those waiting for a refresh of the Nexus line of tablets could be in for some great news in the coming week. Analysts expect Asus to launch a refreshed Nexus 7 tablet at the Computex trade fair which will be held from June 4 to 8, 2013 in Taipei.

Presumably, it’s CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets’s Chitra Gopal one of those analysts. Gopal also expects Asus and Acer to “showcase new low-end [Android] tablets” at the show. The devices would be priced between $100 and $150 and could pack MediaTek SoCs.

While the report doesn’t sound that promising, we’re not saying that a new Nexus 7 isn’t coming. We’ve seen an other analyst detail the potential specs of the new tablet, and the next-gen device has apparently been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG already.

Furthermore, a rumor that emerged soon after Google I/O 2013 said that the tablet would arrive at some point in July, and ship with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on board. A different report also said that the handset would be launched in the third quarter of the year.

We’ll watch Computex closely to see whether the Nexus 7 will indeed come out of hiding at the show.

  • Qbancelli

    God please let this be true!


      Let’s hope its GPU can beat the iPad mini this time.

      • Sniper@

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        • Tris

          And you have spelling problems, learn to spell before bashing someone.

          • Sniper@

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      • Bjajjull

        The GPU in Nexus 7 (GeForce ULP) performs equally to the one in the iPad Mini (SGX543MP2).

  • Nicktrance

    It may be true that ASUS will be unveiling some tablets at Computex, but I doubt Google will allow ASUS to launch at a trade show, especially since the focus isn’t on tablets or smartphones and Google isn’t expected to be present.

    • Sonny Causey

      You are the only one here including the person wrote this article that has any sense. Google isn’t going too launch its flagship device at a tradeshow where they won’t even be present.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Someone needs to announce something soon.